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Magic Man at The Grove, Los Angeles.
Magic Man at The Grove, Los Angeles.

Not having a way of transportation leads to relying on others for rides. Wednesday night, my means of transportation relied on my fiancé. We arrived to the The Grove in Los Angeles at 8 p.m., about thirty-minutes before Big Data. We took the elevator seven floors to the main lobby, rushed passed two Italian restaurants, and finally found black curtains guarded with security. We went through the curtains, to find a whole different world of an outdoor stage, white string lights above our heads, and a beautiful stage lit with colorful lights. 

Lead singer, Alex Caplow, illuminated the stage with Justine Bowe on keys, drummer Joey Sulkowski, Gabe Goodman on bass, and Sam Lee on guitar. Alex Caplow proved he was a magic man as soon as he grabbed the mic like a stripper grabs the pole, while Justine Bowe laid down a funky groove on her keyboard, rocking her whole body to the beat. The casual crowd of music lovers was lifted, while grooving to Magic Man’s flamboyant stage presence. After playing “Paris” off their EP You Are Here, Alex told us how special this day was, being the release of their new album, Before the Waves. A new feeling of intimate energy was brought amongst us all, especially as the night got darker, and the lights got brighter. After playing “Waves,” the familiar sounds of Two Door Cinema Club suddenly rushed through my body. Joey Sulkowski was on point with his drum sticks, and Gabe Goodman delivered the much needed bass tones. Alex was consistent with his performance, really feeling the energy and music. He kept touching himself, grabbing the mic, jumping up and down, and thrusting his body to the beat, almost like Cut Copy lead singer, Dan Whitford.

As their last song came on, we headed to the concierge of The Grove to find a quick place to get a drink before Big Data. To strike up a conversation, I asked the concierge if he loved Magic Man as much as we did and asked if he was excited for Big Data. He said “I just watched it. Big Data went on before Magic Man.” I looked at my fiance in utter shock. The concierge guided us to Whisper, one of the most pricy bars in the center, but we passed up the uppity scene of LA business professionals and cougars, to find Mixology 101 right around the block. I was approached by the bartender, as he was sure he had seen me around before and I agreed, but between you and I, it was my first time to the crafty, hipster bar. He made us feel better and let us vent, but best of all he made me a special whiskey drink.

Needless to say, Big Data will be back in town for the Sunset Strip Music Festival in September, and I am looking forward to being there.

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