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LIVE REVIEW: Maroon 5 World Tour 2015


Maroon 5’s 2015 World Tour brings them back to Pittsburgh since their last visit in 2013. This time, they come with opening acts by Rozzi Crane and MAGIC!  It’s no surprise that the concert is sold out.

Rozzi Crane appears as the first opening act. Her powerful voice and amazing stage presence is impressive for an up-and-coming musician. She tells us that this is her third tour with Maroon 5. She sings her original song “Crazy Ass Bitch,” and then transitions to a cover of “Flawless” by Beyoncé. Performing a familiar song gets us more warmed up to her, and we are drawn in by her original track “Painkiller” which features lead vocalist Adam Levine on the album.

MAGIC! comes on shortly after. Hailing from Canada, they introduce themselves and perform some songs off of their 2014 album Don’t Kill the Magic. Their reggae music relaxes the growing crowd despite their lively energy. Everyone is swaying to their music, some with their hands up. They close their act with their popular song “Rude” with most of us singing along. By now, the building is completely full. MAGIC! thanks us graciously, announces Maroon 5, and exits.

After anxiously waiting, screams suddenly erupt and Maroon 5 dramatically takes the arrow-shaped stage in a swirl of green lights, smoke, and thumping music. The crowd drowns them out with their cries as soon as the band picks up their instruments. They open up with “Animals” and then immediately dive into their older songs such as “Harder to Breathe” and “Wake Up Call.” So far, the setlist is a mixture of their radio-hits, giving those who aren’t die hard fans the chance to know nearly every song. The band doesn’t take one second of a break as they transition from song to song until we are halfway into the show.  Levine tells the ecstatic crowd, “It’s been a long journey. Our first album came out in 2002 and we’re still doing it!” This pumps us up, so we start copying his “ohs!” in “This Love.” “Very nice singing, Pittsburgh, very nice,” he yells to us. Everyone replies with whistles and screams of excitement. Our attention is then rightfully drawn to the other band members when Levine very lovingly introduces them: James Valentine as lead guitarist, Mickey Madden as bassist, Matt Flynn as drummer, Jesse Carmichael as keyboardist and guitarist, and PJ Morton as keyboardist.

The concert continues on as though it is a giant dance party with Levine shows off his party-trick of wowing everyone with his guitar skills. The entire arena is a deafening roar.  He mimics us by being extremely energetic jumps up and down. While there’s no doubt that Levine steals the show, lead guitarist James Valentine comes forward and amazes the screaming audience with his epic guitar solos. Things slow down with Maroon 5’s classic “Sunday Morning,” an awesome treat for the fans that have followed them since their first album. When Levine takes a break from singing, we help him finish it. The band starts transitioning to “Daylight,” and Valentine joins Levine on the main part of the stage again so the two can jam together.

The band leaves the stage after that, but the concert is far from over. After around two minutes of us waiting and cheering for more, they return for their encore. They play “She Will Be Loved,” “Moves Like Jagger” with Rozzi Crane, and their newest hit, “Sugar.”

“She Will Be Loved” is perhaps the most memorable song of the encore because the band encourages everyone to put away their phones for two full minutes. “Let’s do something intimate,” Levine tells us.  He even goes as far as taking someone’s phone away and leaving it onstage until the song is over. While some ignore the request and continue to take videos, the majority of flashes disappear as most people put their phones down. It makes a better memory than any picture could capture, and for the first time that night everyone is enjoying the moment for what it is instead of trying to encapsulate it. We don’t worry about looking back on this moment; instead, we are living it right now.


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