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LIVE REVIEW: My Goodness W/ Adventure Galley Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

When a radio station sells 94-cent tickets to an “I Saw Them When” show, don’t go with any expectations. But if you do, and My Goodness is on the bill, you’ll have your expectations blown out of the water.

Portland-based Adventure Galley opens the show. They have the kind of stage presence you would expect from a six-piece band, bouncing around the stage, feeding off each other’s energy. Unfortunately, lead singer Kidd William’s voice is lost behind the five keyboards and four guitars for the first part of their set, although the creative arrangements make up for it. When the mix corrects, William’s faux British accent becomes clear with a Luke Pritchard like voicing, heard most clearly in “I Don’t Wanna Hurt.” His stage presence, like his accent, is wonderfully over the top with flamboyant mannerisms and a pirate costume to boot. Adventure Galley ends their set with the tune “Disco Ballroom,” replacing disco with “Crystal” in tribute to the venue.

As the lights come up on My Goodness and their three instruments, it’s clear that the platform is bare. They don’t even have their band logo on their kick drum. As bad as this sounds, it is the best decision they could have made for this performance. Joel Schneider and Cody Votolato have all the room they need to jump around the small stage. And and the audience has nothing to focus on but Schneider’s vocals and guitar, Andy Lum’s percussion and Votolato’s bass. This creates an almost hypnotic effect.

During “Back Again,” everyone in the audience headbangs, hair flying. No one stands still. Even though this duo-turned-trio does not have a big following yet, the crowd gets so invested in the music that halfway through the set, they begin singing along to every song with any words they can come up with.

The entire time Schneider, Lum and Votolato never expected to get this type of reception from a 94-cent show put on by PDX radio. As they leave the stage after their last song, the ballroom floor starts to shake. Every single person is stomping to a chorus of “We want more” and “Encore.” It’s mesmerizing. They end the show with “Cold Feet Killer.” By the second chorus, everyone has figured out all the correct lyrics and is singing along.

I can only imagine what “The Soul of a Man” will sound like in a packed arena. With their bluesy rock and roll sound, you don’t have too much more time to catch them in a small venue. Go while you can!

If this intrigues you, it should, purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here for My Goodness.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here for Adventure Galley.

Also, I reviewed their second album a few months ago. You can check that out here.

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