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LIVE REVIEW: Skaters, Philadelphia, PA

SKATERSI’ll admit, prior to Monday night I had no idea who SKATERS were. Judging solely by the their internet presence I gleaned that they were they a band with a lot of personality, but I was totally unprepared for what I was about to experience. As I descended the sticker crusted, outdated poster clad stairwell into Philadelphia’s Underground Arts, I was amused by the crowd. Sure, there were your typical twenty-something’s in their Misfit shirts, but there were also middle aged men, a lady who easily could have been my grandmother, and some children who were certainly going to be cranky for their kindergarten teachers in the morning. Was this band really capable of appealing to so many different audiences? The answer is by far, a resounding yes.

It’s not unusual for anyone who listens more than one genre of music to find themselves rolling their eyes when a younger band sounds like their predecessors. If we’re being honest, as the first few chords rang out I couldn’t help but think “Oh look, they sound like The Strokes, how cute”. But immediately I regretted my jaded view. Sure, they sounded like the The Strokes. Yea, they took a few chord progressions from The Clash (who hasn’t?). But they serve it up with so much energy you get exhausted watching. Big sound, big personalities, it’s safe to say that SKATERS won’t stay a small band for long. They offer up new songs with clever lyrics backed by old stand by instrumentation (think GOOD synths and driving guitars) that still sounds as cutting edge as when it blew our collective minds the first time around.

SKATERS are currently on tour with The Orwells. This time around its basements and mid range venues. They’ll be doing stadium tours in no time. You can keep up with the band, purchase a CD, or buy concert tickets here.

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