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LIVE REVIEW: Son Lux and Kimbra

Son Lux and Kimbra hit the road for a quick 10-stop tour mid May, finishing up in California just this weekend. Both acts have recently released new albums, Son Lux’s fifth and Kimbra’s third.

Both acts have an eclectic following, so it only made sense to team up for this tour. Son Lux, a trio of musicians who have deemed themselves “genre-less” played a hearty set of tunes that were met with clapping and cheers. It was evident that many concert attendees did not know the group, but based on the crowd’s reaction, I am certain many left with a new found love for the group.
Kimbra, along with her band, were met with roaring cheers. She hadn’t been to Arizona in a few years and clearly has a huge fan-base, with some people attending all the way from the East Coast. She played new songs as well as some old favorites, and surprised the crowd with a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Ivy”.
While the two acts have finished their tour together, both are hitting the road again; Son Lux in Europe, while Kimbra is staying in the states. Tickets are available for both groups and can be purchased on their websites.
Son Lux: FacebookWebsiteSpotify
Kimbra: FacebookWebsiteYoutube


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