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LIVE REVIEW: The 1975, Bad Suns, Sir Sly: Portland, OR

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It’s over an hour before the show and the line is already halfway around the block. I walk the line and find out some people have been there for 5 hours. The Roseland Theatre is one of the only all ages venues in the city, so the age ranges from about 8th grade to some 60 year olds. Most of this line is closer to the age of the 8th graders.

When we get inside the building is already fairly full, despite our place in line being closer to the entrance. My friend, Maia and I decide to go to the side of the stage where there is still room to stand almost right at the barrier. After another half hour or so, this first opening act begins to play. Their name is Sir Sly. They are a band from Los Angeles, California and are amazing, the one downside is we are standing directly next to the speakers which I’m fairly certain will destroy my ears. It didn’t help that they played the highest notes on guitar. By the end of the set, my ears had started ringing.

Bad Suns, the second opening act come out on stage about 30 minutes later to tons of screaming. This is really exciting for me because I used to know them when I was in high school. They were part of the reason I wanted to do something with music for my career. When I see them up on stage I feel overwhelmingly proud. I’m probably screaming louder than any of the other girls there. As I expected, they’re incredible, and either their instruments are set at a lower register or I just don’t care cause my ears stop ringing. At the end of the set, I’m fairly certain I have no voice.

Finally, The 1975 come on stage. I finally understand the pictures of the white box on all their merchandise. There is a white box surrounding George Daniel, drummer, that flashes at different points, along with white strobe lights. There’s so much energy in the room. I’m fairly certain the audience is singing louder than Matt Healy, the lead singer and guitarist. I’ve never been to a concert like this before. I’m being pushed all the way to the side by “M.O.N.E.Y,” the second song, after a fight almost breaks out between a short girl and a tall girl who is making it so the short girl can’t see. Because I’m on the side I see all the girls that end up fainting ushered to where the water is. This happened to about 5 girls. Towards the middle of the show one girl throws her strapless bra on stage, which Matt tosses around like a lasso for the beginning of “Pressure.” Another girl throws her cell phone on stage and Matt takes a video with it getting Adam Hann, the lead guitarist, and Ross MacDonald, the bassist, in the video as well. By the time they get to the encore, “Sex” and “Chocolate,” I can’t hear anything below the volume of the band.

This is a concert I will never forget.

You can learn more about Sir Sly here and Bad Suns here.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert ticket for The 1975 here.


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  1. Jerry Malamud

    Fantastic review! Who is this reviewer anyway????

  2. Lovedddd the review & glad you had fun! xx

  3. Arush

    Awesome writing Ariella! Keep rocking 🙂

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