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LIVE REVIEW: The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men

the coffis brothers  and the mountain menThe legendary Boom Boom Room sits on the corner of Fillmore and Geary streets in San Francisco, and the Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men are no strangers there. On Tuesday,  March 12, The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men began their set following Safell, another Bay Area band.

One of the wonderful things about the Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men is that the songs vary in genres. This is in part due to the lead vocals which are shared between brothers, Jamie and Kellen, who both bring something different to the table. Kellen has a voice accented by folk tones, which resonates with the bands more country-rock style songs. While Jamie adds some twain that rolls especially well with the blues sound that he helps produce as master of keys.

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men began their set with “Are You Going With Me?”– To which a room full of nods pleasantly replied.

On “Big Time,” a steady bass and drum beat got me snapping my fingers and rocking left to right, and as the harmonica came in I was swooned. The elegant, simple drumming and bass show aesthetic maturity by sticking to classic fundamentals. Like most of the band’s songs, this one was a love story.

The band’s sound is sweet, yet it keeps the audience on the tips of their toes, as they change up the tempo. “I’d Do Anything for You” brought the audience back to earth on a cloud as Kyle’s slow, wistful guitar strumming lulled the crowd.

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men, are a relatively rare breed of band, the kind that sounds better live than on record. Perhaps it’s because they call the shots in sound check, or maybe because they’ve been playing together since high school. Whatever’s their secret, they sure know how to bring their heart and soul into the music. Even Isaiah, the stand in bassist, was completely submerged in the grove that the band so masterfully produced.

“Give it to Me” was another bluesy concoction, lead by Jamie on vocals and keys. Calling this one a song would be a euphemism because Jamie didn’t just sing the blues, he had a conversation, a heart to heart, with the audience. In this way, the band challenged the audience and brought them into the conversation, made them give their input and energy to make the show an experience.

If the blues riff of “Give it to Me” was what reeled the audience in, “Trouble Town” was the hook that sealed the deal. This song definitely displayed the bands chemistry and dedication, which is the glue that holds the sound together. When they perform they are in what looks like a very happy trance.

I think that besides “Give it to Me” one of my other favorite songs was “Rollin,” where Kyle’s guitar solo was met by a cowbell, which was the cure the audiences raging fever. The collaboration between Henry on the drums and Kyle on guitar was beautiful — true musical comradery where the musicians don’t try to overshadow each other but instead support one another in making music that really rocks.

And the band doesn’t stop playing till everyone in the room is fully enchanted. Their music may have an older, mellower style, but the dedication, talent and vigor that the band brings are a force to be reckoned with.

Check out our interview with the band here, purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets here.

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