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LIVE REVIEW: The Sick Tour w/ New Found Glory and Bayside

They say that seeing your favorite band from high school as an adult is a life changing experience. They’re not wrong. When I saw Bayside and New Found Glory on the same ticket, I screamed out loud. It was a pop-punk dream come true.

Opening for them was William Ryan Key, that concert goers would recognize and the former frontman of Yellowcard. Key took to the stage with just himself and his guitar and played through his entire EP, Thirteen. He knew he couldn’t get off the stage without playing a Yellowcard song, so he closed his set with a beautiful rendition of Ocean Avenue.

The next band was one that I hadn’t heard of until the tour was announced. The Movielife, who I found out had a quick run in the late 90’s, was a perfect addition to the lineup. Fun fact, one of their original members is now a current member of Bayside! What a reunion.

Now, I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to Bayside’s newest stuff in a while, so I was worried I wouldn’t know most of their set. I was wrong. They played some new tunes, but surprised the audience with songs from their first two albums, Sirens and Condolences and Bayside. 

I have never seen any of the bands on the ticket live, minus William Ryan Key when he was fronting Yellowcard, but I had heard great things about New Found Glory’s stage performance and knew I was in for a treat. Not only did they have great crowd interaction, but they had a moment in the show where a fan came on stage and spun a wheel to pick the next song. Keeping the set mostly unique for each show was a great touch and got the crowd even more excited when they clearly played a favorite by the title of “Sonny” from their third album Sticks and Stones. They closed out the show with an encore that included their rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” that included frontman Jordan Pundik clad in a boxer’s robe with an American flag pattern.

While the tour is officially over now, all four groups have new albums out and have plans for more live shows in the fall. Check out their website or social media for more information.

William Ryan Key: WebsiteFacebookInstagramSpotify
The Movielife: FacebookInstagramSpotify
Bayside: WebsiteFacebookInstagramSpotify
New Found Glory: WebsiteFacebookInstagramSpotify

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