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LIVE REVIEW: The Reunion Tour Ft. We Are The In Crowd

we-are-tha-incrowd-_Ironically called the Reunion Tour, the bands on this bill have never played together. Hailing from the east coast, each band had a unique sound, but all worked well together one after another.

Located at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale, AZ. the dive bar turned venue is small and intimate, and open for all ages, making the concert demographic very diverse.

To start off, Candy Hearts had a quiet welcome to the stage, being a new band on the scene, but gradually got the crowd energized by the end of their set. Next was State Champs, a pop punk band from Albany. A younger band and virgins to the state of Arizona, the energy was brought up when they started singing. The vocalist, Derek Discanio, has a wicked voice that pairs perfectly with the instrumentals.

Set it Off, who played in the middle of the bill, was a clear crowd favorite. They began with a slew of theatrics, including black hoodies, red masks and a voice over of a storyteller explaining what the show was going to entail. Cody Carson, the extremely theatrical frontman of the group left no person unattended. He reached into the crowd multiple times and sang to his fans up close and personal. With their storyline and extreme riffs, it was clear that this band was full of seasoned performers. William Beckett, who was set to perform next, came on stage and sang along with Cody for a song.

Next, William Beckett, a one-man guitar playing band, took a few minutes to set up and tune while interacting with the crowd. Beckett was the lead singer of the now-disbanded The Academy Is… and released his first solo album in 2012. Beckett put on a great show, filled with emotional songs and crowd interactions that was a change of pace for the entire show.

And now, the moment we were all waiting for. We Are the In Crowd took the stage with nothing less than an extraordinary light show and sound. They started out with their first single, “The Best Thing That Never Happened”, from the new album, Weird Kids. The energy was at full capacity as they went from song to song off of their oldest to newest albums.

Then, Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes  slowed it down with an acoustic version of “For the Win” and then right into the personal song “Windows in Heaven.” This song was written about Tay’s late father and by the emotion in her performance, you can tell it really means a lot to her.

After rocking through their setlist of 12 songs, the band finished off the show with an encore of “Long Live the Kids” and “Rumor Mill,” both of which are the first songs from their two most recent albums.

You can catch We Are the In Crowd and State Champs at this year’s Warped Tour. View tour dates and buy concert tickets here

WATIC’s latest album, Weird Kids, featuring the single “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” is out now and you can purchase a CD here.

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