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LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS: Assuming We Survive, Colorado Springs, CO

aws-5“I once dropped off my daughter at school in our tour bus, and she was embarrassed!” lead singer of Assuming We Survive, Adrian Estrella told my dad and I, to which my father responded with, “Well of course, dads are supposed to embarrass their kids!” It seems a little cheesy and awkward to have your parent hanging out with you when you’re trying to be cool around the lead singer of your favorite band, but that’s where I was on Sunday night. The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs is a tiny venue and the parking lot is filled with the smell of pot from the nearby dispensaries, but everyone braved the cold winds to see the headliner.

The band began back 2007 and has a rapidly growing fan base. Just this year, they traveled all over the country with Warped Tour to play set after set for the followers of their music. However, it’s pretty easy to see what drives these men and why people are so entranced with their music. It’s one simple thing: Passion. Each time they begin a song, you can tell that they’re enthusiastic about what they sing and play. Adrian never stops smiling. Joe, the bassist, is always bouncing around. They’re all over the stage and interacting with each other and the audience.

But the passion isn’t just what makes the band so special, it’s how they treat their fans. Adrian was out twenty minutes before the opening band started. He was going through the line and talking to each individual person, asking them how they were doing and if they were excited. I’ve gone to a lot of concerts in the past years, but Assuming We Survive has been the only band I’ve seen so far that has gone out of their way to go and make sure each of fans were taken care of.

Throughout the night, anyone in the audience could spot the band hanging around the crowd and chatting with anyone and everyone. When it came time for their set, the band took the stage and won over everyone’s hearts with tracks off of All Roads Lead Home, their latest CD release. Perhaps my favorite song of the set was when they played “18 days.” Just listening to the whole crowd sing back what the band sang to them was enchanting. There’s just a feeling of being in the middle of it that indescribable. However, it’s not an Assuming We Survive concert until Adrian jumps off the stage and starts dancing, moshing, circle pitting, and taking pictures with the crowd at least once. We were all lucky enough to have him do it twice.

If you ever get the chance to have this band come to your town, buy yourself a ticket. There’s a reason that this band is so well-loved and has a dedicated fan base. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

You can see a list of all the tour dates and purchase a ticket here. You can purchase a CD here.

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