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Local Heroes: How JONO is Saving the Environment With His New Single “North”

Nature has such a powerful influence on music. Sunny skies, cloudy days, tropical vs. urban; all have shaped different genres of music and moods. Nature is absolutely my number one influence as an artist. It gives my music meaning. And for my solo instrumental rock project, JONO, nature is much more than an influence.

After two releases inspired by nature, I felt that it was time to give back. With my newest release, “North” (a song inspired by the Pacific Northwest), all proceeds from the song go towards the preservation efforts of the non-profit organization Conservation Northwest. The reason I focus on giving back to preservation efforts is because I feel that I highlighted nature and attached myself to it as a brand in my older releases (Zion and Revelations) without truly doing anything for it especially when it is truly in danger. A wake up call for me was when someone told me that a state park I visited in Nevada (Valley of Fire) for one of my music videos was in danger of potential pipeline construction. This broke my heart that a place that I poured my heart and passion into could be taken away for no reason other than human impact. It reminded me of how fragile our environment is with the presence of humans and how I could help point the spotlight towards protecting it. 

DONATE to Conservation Northwest by purchasing North here: https://jonobareford.bandcamp.com/track/north

This sparked what became the story for the North music video. A story of how man abuses Mother Nature to his own will and thus, loses her. Nature is for all to experience and we all see its beauty in so many ways. But if you try to use or force nature to make it something that it is not meant to be, it could disappear. That is what we are seeing happen all over the world due to human impact on the environment. Deforestation, fossil fuels, pollution are all things that are pushing the limits of nature to a point where we are loosing the ability to embrace, enjoy, and seek certain parts of nature. It’s disheartening and that’s the call to action I wanted to raise with the North music video especially at the end.

The Pacific Northwest isn’t necessarily my community or home but I feel that in many ways it is a stable of preservation in America. All the luscious greenery that is hundreds of years old is something that grabs the attention of so many around the world. It made sense to remind everyone that such a sacred place that shows the potential of Earth’s beauty should be protected before its too late. That’s why I made this my mission for North and JONO by shooting all across some of the most stunning locations across the Pacific Northwest. To write music that gives me purpose but also purpose to something much greater than myself. North music video:

DONATE to Conservation Northwest by purchasing North here: https://jonobareford.bandcamp.com/track/north

A life-long adventurer, JONO aka Jonathan Bareford grew up always having a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. Nature’s untamed, organic beauty and isolated retreats have often provided inspiration for his music. A multi-instrumentalist, Bareford started the solo instrumental post/prog-rock project with the intent for each single to be elevated with an accompanying music video.

His previous single and video, “Zion” showcases an exploration of the breathtaking canyons of the midwest, including Antelope Canyon in Arizona and Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was selected as Winner of People’s Choice Award from Bellingham Film Festival 2018, Winner of Best Music Video Award from Mission Viejo Film Festival 2018, and was an Official Selection at Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2018.

All proceeds from the track sales of “North” made via Bandcamp, will be donated to Conversation Northwest, a WA based non-profit, in support of their educational and preservation efforts. The organization’s mission is described as working to “protect, connect and restore wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies.” It can also be found now on SpotifyApple Music, and all major digital retailers.


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