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Lostprophets Ian Watkins Gets 35 Years

Ian Watkins Lostprophets

The Cardiff Crown Court (United Kingdom) sentenced former Lostprophets front man, Ian Watkins to 35 years in prison for 13 child sex offenses. Among the charges, the 36-year old Watkins stands accused of fondling a female fan’s infant son prior to attempting to rape the child. Aside from the attempted rape, Watkins is reported to have suggested a different female fan abuse her infant son during a webcam conversation.

Among the evidence against Watkins and his two female co-conspirators–refereed to as “Woman A” and “Woman B”–is a phone conversation between Watkins and a fan residing in Park Prison. The conversation was transcribed and quoted Watkins saying his action was “mega lolz” and the he didn’t know why people thought it was such a big deal.

Along with the phone conversation, more than 90 images of child pornography–some of which were created by Watkins–and 22 images of bestiality were found on Watkins’ computer.

Full quotes from the prosecution, witnesses and Watkins can be found, here.

Watkins was arrested by South Wales Police last year during a raid of the singers home after receiving a tip that Watkins was in possession of controlled substances. During the raid, hard drives containing the pornographic images were confiscated and the child sex investigation was launched.

Watkins’ accomplices, “Woman A” and “Woman B”, were charged with 14 and 16 years imprisonment, respectively.

Another investigation is being launched to see if Watkins abused children in the United States and Germany.

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