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Make This Life Your Art: How To Stay Inspired

Seiichi DaimoAs artists, creatives, or simply as human beings, it’s difficult not to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. In an ongoing pursuit of validation, we hope we are as remarkable as the people that have come before us. As a result, we sometimes lose focus on what’s important. “Make this life your art” is a phrase I use to help me keep perspective as an artist and stay focused on what, to me, is really important and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

For those of us who may not consider ourselves artists, this phrase encourages living a beautiful life: a life of self-awareness, purpose, and meaning is one worth celebrating. It’s a perspective meant to inspire us to seek fulfillment where it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation. We have an opportunity every day to add to our story, our canvas, and if we all realize that, great things would begin to unfold in this world. 

For artists, this phrase carries a second meaning. It brings our creative imagination back down to a more realistic and genuine state. Instead of asking “how abstract and out there can I make my work?” the questions become “how genuine is my work?”, “am I trying too hard to be something I’m not?”, “is this really who I am as an artist or am I just looking for validation by doing what i think people want, or think is cool?”. I think, when these questions are asked we get real art. The greats were the greats not because they studied how to mimic, but because they had a firm grasp on who they were as people and successfully projected their individuality through their chosen artistic medium.

It’s important we reconcile and make use of tools that inspire us, help us keep perspective, and remind us why we do the things we do. “Make this life your art” is just one example of a tool and it’s the one that’s helped me over the past few years to achieve the things I’ve achieved. My hope is that everyone would channel their individuality during their time in this world, for the betterment of our artistic community and more importantly for the betterment of our human community. Lets inspire one another! Pass “make this life your art” along.

Hailing from NYC, Seiichi identifies his music as indie folk/contemporary blues, written in a pop mindset. He brings a refreshing, genuine intention with his music, aiming to create & share meaningful, melodic music to inspire those around him. For more information or to purchase a CD or buy concert tickets click here.


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