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Mandy’s Mixtape #4: Moon Music

If you’ve turned on the news at any point in the last month, you’ve most likely heard journalists mention what will be occurring August 21 around 1 pm. If you work retail, chances are you can’t pick up the phone without customers asking if you “have those special glasses in stock.” Maybe you’ve even made a reflection pinhole box yourself in the hopes of catching a glimpse! 

Today marks a special space event, a total solar eclipse. The moon will pass over the sun and completely block its rays for a few short minutes. While this is exciting and rare, only happening every few decades, not everyone will get the chance to see this event. For some, the eclipse will not be entirely visible from their state, and even if it is, looking at the eclipse without proper protection is extremely dangerous. Thankfully, some news outlets will be live streaming the eclipse, which is free to everyone and 100% safe!

Whether you have proper eyewear and will be watching the actual eclipse, or you’ll be comfy on your couch checking out a live stream, one thing all eclipse watchers will need is perfect music. I’ve put together a playlist of my favorite moon-related music, perfect for eclipse watching, stargazing, and every other solar activity in between.

You can listen to my “Moon Music” playlist, featuring Panic! at the Disco, Pinegrove, and Chon below, and make sure to follow me on Spotify to keep up to date with the latest Mandy’s Mixtape playlists!

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