Mark Hoppus Comments On Blink-182’s Legacy

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Mark Hoppus recently commented on keeping Blink-182’s legacy alive. Check out an excerpt after the jump and the full interview here.

What do you view as your responsibility as far as keeping Blink’s legacy alive?

I don’t know. I don’t really think in terms of that. The thing that’s always been the most important to me as far as our band has been that we do what we feel is right. We don’t try to guess what people are going to like and try to hit a target of what we think people expect from us. We’ve always done our best work when we just keep our heads down and do stuff that we like ourselves, and I like that we haven’t written the same album seven different times. Every album sounds different. Every album does something different. Every album expresses something different, and I like that about our band. I just want to keep writing good music and keep having fun. I think that the destruction of our legacy would be to just sit back and go, “All right, you know what? We’re just going to tour every two years and we’re just going to do a compilation tour.” That’s not exciting to me. That’s degrading to our legacy, which is, to me, to play all of those songs and keep recording new things and keep feeling vital and relevant and making something that we like. There’s nothing like the feeling of completing a song and driving away from the studio and thinking, “Wow, There’s some really cool stuff on there.” There’s nothing like that, and I never want to stop feeling that way.

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