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Maroon 5 Make Heartwarming Memory For 10-Year-Old Fan

6. Maroon 5 potwWhile many fans hope to meet their favorite musicians, it hardly ever happens–but not for 10-year-old Christopher Warner, a boy with Down syndrome from Maryland. He is a fervent fan of Maroon 5, claims all the albums are his favorite, and does all his work in class just to be rewarded with listening to their songs.

After making a fan video where Warner shows the band just how much he loves them, local radio station Hot 99.5 from DC made arrangements for the young fan to meet his beloved band. Upon meeting them, Warner became so overwhelmed that he had a panic attack that forced him to lay down on the ground to recover.

Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, casually laid down beside his devotee and everyone else followed suit, including an intern from Hot 99.5. The picture can be seen below, as well as Warner’s fan video. What a wonderful memory to have for such an adoring fan!

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