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Mental Health Matters: Music is My Therapy

Mental Health is always something that I’ve struggled with, coming to the forefront in my late 20s. It’s easy when you’re a kid to feel like you don’t always fit in, but as you become an adult you assume that you’ll grow out of those insecurities. For some of us, that stigma sticks until we finally face it head on, no matter the age or level of success.

It’s so easy these days, with technology, to get wrapped up in the Music Industry’s expectations via social media, YouTube, Online etc. Just the sheer amount of outlets it takes to upload your music to in order to push your music across the globe is overwhelming! I find I am constantly comparing myself to industry standards – what I think my music has to sound like or represent in order to be heard and seen; yet all the while trying to stay true to myself. The system is completely contradictory to why us artists all got into this profession in the first place! We pride ourselves on our differences so why are we all trying to fit into this box or repeat the success of someone else?

All the “business” aside, Music is still an incredible force. Music has a way of transporting you, creating or changing a mood, lending a hand in times when you’re so low you don’t know if you can even stand or yet alone breathe. Music is Universal. No matter how many labels or tweets or pictures are posted, it still comes down to the song and the message. This is why I am a songwriter. Music is my therapy. Songwriting is my way through the chaos. I write through personal experiences or sometimes write about nothing until it becomes something.

As a writer I have to also accept the fact that not all artists are creating 24/7. We all need time to heal, process, breathe, and step away. It’s a healthy thing to let go and just live in the moment and not set unrealistic expectations for where we want to be. When I’m able to harness that self-doubt and just let those feelings flow; that’s when the music steps in! My most recent single, “Together” was written in a time of complete writers block. I was having such a hard time coming back to the piano after having released my first full-length record “Sightlines.” I had been so amped for so long to get that music out, that once the music was out and the promoting process was over, and the touring was over, and it was time to move onto the next; I felt such a sense of emptiness and defeat.

One day I finally sat at the piano in my apartment, voice memos in hand, zero expectations, and started just plunking out notes. Eventually that driving force took over and the words and melodies came out. “Together” was a shedding of layers – really allowing myself to fall and trust myself again. ‘Together’ is an empowering, anthemic song that shows both the struggle and power of the human (Female) voice and the strength that we have to not only to adapt, change, and survive, but to make this world a better place “Together”.  We’re all connected and yet have so many different ways of expressing ourselves and receiving. I hope to share this song with as many listeners as possible, for they are the ones that will make this world a stronger place, “Together!”

My Upcoming Single, ‘Unique’ outlines the inner struggle that most people experience; no matter what there profession or way of life. It’s about conquering insecurities but also allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to admit not knowing the answers. There is a duality within the perspective of the song. One side expresses confidence and encouragement, while the other voice communicates the need to feel accepted and be understood. Each balances the other out and one cannot exist without the other. I want people that hear this song to know that they are not alone and that they matter. The path to self-confidence and awareness is learning to accept and trust yourself – something that I personally work on every day. Remind yourself that you don’t need others to define your worth.

You are ENOUGH. You are UNIQUE.

Whether she was singing along to Disney tapes or touring the world with Internationally recognized choirs – Meagan Hickman‘s love for performing and writing has always served as her true north. From nationally placed McDonalds jingles to attending the Chicago Academy for the Arts, music has run through Meagan’s veins since she was six years old.

When not touring, performing, writing, or recording, Meagan can be found managing her successful business as a voice and piano instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys running, the outdoors, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with animals. Most recently in 2018, Meagan’s been back in the studio recording and is excited to release new music over the next year. These new songs provide a polished and refined sound. Speaking to themes our generation is seeking the answers to, they are filled with stories of empowerment, self-love, and the power of female camaraderie.


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