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Mental Health Matters: Self-Care & Dealing With Depression

Another day passes by, everything looks normal; it’s just life, sometimes stressful, sometimes quiet. Even though we have people around who love us and we love, there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right. Sudden changes in mood, that become hard to understand, one minute we’re laughing our heads off and the minute later we just want to be alone all by ourselves and even cry for no reason.

Being a workaholic has made me forget about all these feelings that I’ve been carrying in my heart for so long. Growing up in a dysfunctional family wasn’t easy, with a hard working mother and a father who was rather a ghost. I spent most of my life denying all existence of an illness, “it’s just life”, I used to tell myself, until one day it was hard to get out of bed. The sensation of being struck by a train, mentally and physically, feeling like I’ve lost a loved one, that life didn’t make sense anymore and all these questions hitting my head at the same time, “why am I here?” I guess routine had just taken its toll on me for living every single day pretending that it was all right and that I had to show the world how strong I am no matter what.

It took me some time to realise that I needed help, that it’s ok not to be ok and that if our mental health is at stake, simple tasks seem impossible to be performed normally on a daily basis. Life was lacking color, magic and meaning. I was a different person, alienating myself from the rest of the world, I just wanted to hide and be all by myself; somehow being a social person became a painful chore to accomplish.

Having a better understanding about mental illness; I cannot stress more the fact that being surrounded by the right people to support us through the good and bad times coping with this invisible illness is what makes the difference between life and death. I didn’t understand depression until I realised I was living with it, with a giant black dog following me everywhere, as someone previously described it. Since it’s still a taboo in our society, we often forget about the importance of taking care of our mental health. It is for that same reason that I decided to speak about my own experience. People’s lives could be better and a lot different if they could seek help without feeling ashamed. I felt that sharing my story could help raise awareness and teach people about an often misunderstood condition.

So, in my case, I’ve decided to listen to my body more often. I’ve figured that finding the time to rest and have some relaxation is imperative for staying positive and in a good state of mind. For instance, I’m the type of person that would stay up late at night until I finish a complicated task or meet my deadlines.  A good night’s sleep and taking the time for a walk to change my thoughts, have been part of my therapy as well as seeking professional counselling. Life to me has been like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs that make it worth living, knowing that there’re plenty of beautiful things and experiences awaiting.

Every so often, an artist comes along who speaks right to the heart of his or her listeners; no matter which language they speak. Montreal-based electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust expresses herself fluently in English, Spanish and French while managing to speak three additional languages. Originally from Valparaiso, the cultural and artistic center of Chile, this self-taught musician has transformed from a shy little girl learning to write songs on her grandfather’s guitar into a strong feminist and rising international sensation.

Since 2008, K-Bust has performed live at the Chilean earthquake benefit concert, at World Music Day and at “The Apollo Nights” show, where she shared the stage with Alan Prater, a former Michael Jackson musician and back-up vocalist. Her career really took off in 2009 when she recorded a song by Cirque de Soleil composer, Benoit Jutras.

K-Bust is currently working on the release of her second studio album titled Fearless, which has been produced entirely by Albert Chambers, a Juno award nominated music producer from Montreal.

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