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Mental Health Matters: The Lies Our Mental Illness Tells Us

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Sometimes we need help living with our mental illness, and that’s okay. Sometimes it can get too much, and I understand that. I, myself, suffer from depression and anxiety.

Often, we feel scared and ashamed to ask for help; Or even simply talking about how we feel.

We shouldn’t, and we know that, but we do anyway.

That’s just another lie our mental illness tells us; “We’ll just be a burden” or “we’ll cause unnecessary worry.”  You aren’t a burden. They love you.

You see we need to be honest about our feelings. We need to be honest about how we feel, to ourselves and our loved ones. We can’t get the help and support we need if we can’t be honest. It starts with us. We must get comfortable talking about these things.
I promise the fear of opening up is far worse than actually being open about the bad feelings and being in that bad place.

I promise the fear of opening up is far worse than actually being open about the bad feelings and being in that bad place.

Our loved ones only want the best for us and if getting outside help is what it takes then they will help us get it any way they can.

Don’t let your mental illness lie to you and keep you from seeking help if you feel that you may need it.

When you live with mental illness you hear all kinds of mean things and lies, and after you hear them for so long you start to believe them.

Depression, like all other forms of mental illness, lie to you. It even makes the mirror lie to you.

If you look in a mirror and all you see is ugliness, failure, and hopelessness, it’s lying.

Raise your right hand, and your mirror says that you’ve risen your left. Wear your watch on your left wrist and it says it’s on the right.

Depression tells you that you aren’t good enough, that you’re a failure, that you can’t live your dreams.

The greatest lie that mental illness will tell you is that you aren’t loved or that you aren’t lovable.

You are every kind word you can think of. You are enough, and you are loved so much more than you will ever realize. To quote a great writer, Jay Kristoff -“You deserve a thousand diamonds in your hair and every galaxy laid out at your feet.”

You are beautiful inside and out. You have unbelievable eyes and a smile that could light up an entire solar system.

If you ever start to forget, come back to this and read it again. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we have forgotten, and your depression wants you to forget these things.

Don’t forget.

You are so strong, and I am so proud of you for holding on, and fighting like you do.

It’s time for us to start being open and honest. Statistics say that two out of three people who suffer from mental illness don’t seek help. We are the numbers, and we can change them.  There is so much stigma about mental health, and It won’t go away unless we do our best to be brave, start talking and share our feelings; no matter what they are because your feelings are valid. You are a human being; You are meant to feel and to feel openly.

All my love,

Isaac Kestral, aka InProgression, is a musician who believes in the power of evolution. A belief evident in more than just his pseudonym, his music is progressive in nature, joining the ranks of other future bass artists. A unique blend of ambient composer, Tom Day, and future bass/pop duo, Louis the Child.


Instagram: @inprogression

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