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Mental Health Matters: The Power of a Support System

When it comes to mental health, being part of a band can be the best means of venting, but can also start to deteriorate you if you’re not careful. Time and time again we see bands and individuals, famous or not, dealing with this. Tours get cancelled, bands break apart, and some even turn to self-harm acts. This resonates with us in such an impactful way because this can and has happened to us, our friends, and our bandmates.

As a band, we established friendship with each other from the start, and know that in hard times, that is what always remains. Many people in this world aren’t so fortunate to have that. We will always have an open ear to those in need, because we need them too. Believe it or not we are all emotional people and we take extreme pride in knowing that our music is emotional and, in turn, can help others – like other peoples’ music has helped us. We all deal with our own issues, some hidden from the light and some that we try and deal with up front. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is having a support system.

Times of uncertainty come on fast and tend to linger. Optimism goes away, but a hard time sticks in the back of your head, building and building.  When it comes to touring, there’s too many accessible vices. Showing up to a venue early can give way too much time to be sitting and unproductively thinking. Drinking starts early and shows get shaky. That uncertainty starts to hurt, bad. Putting on a face to seem alright to the people you hope to impress, hurts. Overthinking the issues you left behind at home while scraping through another run, hurts…

One thing I have learned, and honestly am still not even good at, is addressing these issues up front. No matter what’s weighing on you, I think talking to people and also listening to people, can be the hardest to do but is the best. Notice your own neglect. Don’t run from it. Just say it out loud. Don’t let your ego dismiss help.

“Should tell my friends when I love them” is a simple but heavy line from Evan Stevens Hall of Pinegrove – this line rings in my head frequently. It makes me think to take the time to make sure the others around me feel loved and good about what they do. When I’m down and that feeling of caring is returned to me, it gives sense to why I’m here doing what I’m doing as a creative person in a terrifying industry. It is so easy to slip off into the void. The small things you do can help others in the biggest way.

While common in the world, mental health is EXTREMELY subjective. It’s nearly impossible to gauge and speak upon, yet alone notice. Self-mental help is so hard to address. As a band, to me, productivity is the best and only way I stay uplifted and motivated and out of the “what-if” scenarios, the anxious self-doubt, not scared of being under the microscope.

Thank you for letting me speak out and take the time to think about this. This is a daily struggle for myself too. We encourage anyone that feels unwanted or unimportant to never be afraid to reach out for help.

SPACE4LEASE is a psychedelic indie-rock band from Oklahoma City, ready to lure you in and wash over you with waves of musical seduction. Inspired by lost love, the grace of the unknown, and inevitable life experiences, their music is full of soul-leaning vocals, intricate guitar melodies, expressive bass lines, and eloquent drum patterns, all driven by frontman Grayson Hamm’s tasteful piano playing. The four-piece’s sound draws influence from acts such as Tame Impala, My Morning Jacket, and upcoming artists like Big Thief, and Andy Shauf. With a blend of influences, they pride themselves in remaining elusive to the confines of any one genre. With the fantastical glamor of psychedelic pop influences, but enough grit and grime of grounded originality, SPACE4LEASE is like no other in their blend of refreshingly authentic and enticing music that will draw you close, and hold you tight. Catch their new EP and tour dates here. (Photo credit: Ryan Magnani)


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