Minus The Bear ‘Acoustics’ Sequel

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Minus The Bear USE THISMinus The Bear will be releasing a sequel to 2008’s Acoustics. You can read an article excerpt from Billboard after the jump.




Bassist Cory Murchy tells Billboard that the quintet has recorded a sequel to 2008’s “Acoustics,” including both new and revised older material, that he predicts “will be coming out in August or something like that.” It was produced by former keyboardist Matt Bayles, who also helmed “Infinity Overload,” and turned out to be a bigger project that MTB initially envisioned when it hit the studio at the beginning of the year.

“We started with an EP’s worth of music and ended up with a full-length of 10 or 11 songs,” Murchy says. “That was kind of neat to do that. There’s a couple of new songs — ‘Acoustics’ had just one, so this year we doubled it — so it was neat to get the writing process again. And the rest are older songs, so we just figure out the arrangements and do them acoustically. It’s a little more laid back, but it’s fun to take a different look at the stuff.”

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