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Möngöl Hörde (Frank Turner) Announces Debut Album

5-20 Möngöl HördeFrank Turner’s hardcore band, Möngöl Hörde, has announced that they will be releasing their self-titled debut album on May 26. Check out the album artwork and track listing below, after the jump.

Are you pumped for this release? Then be sure to purchase a CD here when it’s available.

And to see Möngöl Hörde live, check out their tour dates and buy concert tickets here.

5-20 Mongol Horde

1. Make Way
2. Weighed And Found Wanting
3. Tapeworm Uprising
4. Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen
5. Staff To The Refund Counter
6. The Yurt Locker
7. Stillborn Unicorn
8. Winky Face: The Mark Of A Moron
9. Weak Handshake
10. Your Problem
11. How The Communists Ruined Christmas
12. Blistering Blue Barnacles
13. Hey Judas

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