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MUSIC CITIES: Austin – The City Without Limits

What is there to say about Austin, Texas and Live Music that hasn’t been said already? After all, it is considered the Live Music Capital of the World, and with the recent opening of the Austin360 Amphitheater, more and more national and international bands are setting their sights on Austin for a tour stop. With that said, let’s dig a little deeper for some insider knowledge on what it means to be a band from Austin, Texas.

Arguably the best part about being a musician here in Austin is the overwhelming sense of community, and that little fact alone is what separates Austin from every other city in the world. Having band members with roots in cities outside of Austin, we know that most cities with emerging music scenes tend to be far more dog-eat-dog than a family. On any given night, you can walk down Red River Street or 6th Street and see, in our opinion, some of the best bands in the world, but instead of adhering to an ego, many of these bands welcome in other bands with open arms.

Truthfully, that sense of belonging and family is a big part of why Forever Starts Today is where we are today. Not all that long ago, we were a small band working our tails off to just book gigs here in Austin on a regular basis. That’s when we met some really awesome guys in a band called Nominee. They took us under their wing, introduced us to many people in other bands that have quickly become some of our best friends, and provided us a platform to begin growing into the band we are today. In most emerging music scenes, this would have been seen as helping the competition, but here in Austin, we were becoming part of a family.

Another amazing element of being a band in Austin is the abundance of world-class musicians that call Austin home. The primary reason we selected the Music City Series is because it gives us the opportunity to introduce you to some of our best friends and favorite bands here in Austin that you may not have heard of before, so please make sure to check out our playlist as well! You may just find your next favorite band! Not only are the bands we play with incredibly talented, but living in Austin gave us the opportunity to work with our producer and good friend, Joseph Milligan of Anberlin, which was another door opened up by the guys in Nominee.

For any band, having the opportunity to work with a guy with a gold record is an amazing privilege. For us to be able to work with him on our first EP, Limitless, was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. In building that relationship with Joey, we got the chance to record our upcoming LP, Always Hope, at Orb Studios here in Austin, which is run by Matt Noveskey of Blue October. There aren’t many cities out there in which a small, upcoming band can record an album in a studio with that kind of pedigree while also cultivating a personal relationship with the immensely successful musicians, engineers, and producers that work there.

As with any great city, there are the drawbacks of living and playing in Austin. Without getting too political, one of the bigger issues here is parking, especially during festivals like South By Southwest. While there is a fair amount of free street parking available during the week, lugging a trailer full of gear to 6th Street is almost always a pain. If you’re lucky enough to be able to load in and out immediately outside the venue, you’re either playing a game of real life Frogger trying to move your gear while avoiding speeding cars or you’re trying to Tetris your way through an alleyway avoiding dumpsters, petty cabs, APD, and the homeless population. Once you’ve successfully loaded your gear in, then it’s off to find a $20 parking space across town, which only gets exponentially harder and more expensive if you have a trailer.

All-in-all, Austin is one of the absolute best places in the world to play music. We are so happy to have the amazing privilege of being a part of the revitalization of the Austin music scene and ushering in renaissance here in Austin, Texas.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Forever Starts Today is ready to attack with their indestructible, female-fronted power pop/punk. Forever Starts Today has already taken their local scene by storm, developing a rabid young fan-base enthralled by the bands fist pumping anthems, stadium-sized hooks and high-voltage live performances.

Out of the gate, their debut album “LIMITLESS” was recorded and produced by Joseph Milligan of Anberlin, lacing all 5 tracks with as much gusto as good times. The band’s message is simple, “whatever you wish to be, do or become in the future is attainable – your Forever Starts Today, and the possibilities are LIMITLESS!

To hear more from Forever Starts Today, you can purchase a CD here.

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