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They call Orlando “The City Beautiful” and that phrase doesn’t stop short of the music scene. I couldn’t think of a better place for our band to call home. Orlando has been so good to us. The melting pot of talent, local support, and the overall sense of community has helped shaped our band in ways that we could never imagine. After touring all over the United States, we’re confident in saying that our scene is one of the strongest in the country.

Orlando is overrunning with talent. From indie rockers like Pathos, Pathos, genre benders like Capstan, and Emo showstoppers like Dikembe: our city has one of the most diverse rock scenes we’ve come across. You can find a show going on any night of the week and no matter what venue you find yourself in, you’re bound to be entertained. Promoters like Norse Korea, Montgomery Drive, and Lights Out Booking are constantly doing the best they can to put together solid lineups and bands are always pulling out all the stops to give audiences a memorable experience. Whether it’s a mixed bill, a purposefully booked Pop Punk gig, or anything in between: a good time is inevitable.

We would be doing our city a disservice if we wrote a guest blog about the scene and didn’t mention the people that make it possible. Orlando shows up! Any given night of the week, you can go to a venue and find plenty of locals enjoying live music. Whether it’s 30 people packing out the room at Uncle Lou’s or you’re taking a trip to City Walk to see a sold out show at the Hard Rock, there’s always a group of music lovers ready for an experience. Those people are the reason bands like us get to do the things we do. Orlando’s love for live music has been imperative to the growth of our band. They are constantly offering support in any way they can. Concert attendees aren’t shy about screaming lyrics back at you, rocking a band tee, or boasting about their favorite locals on social media.

The best part of our music scene is that everyone is welcome. Orlando is so diverse and it is a beautiful thing to see people come together and be united by music. We have grown so much as people by interacting with local show goers and getting to know them. There are so many different people from so many different walks of life here. Gaining new perspectives and broadening your horizons is inevitable if you’re open to making new friends.

To sum it all up, if there’s one word we could use to define our scene, it would be “diversity.” Between the cornucopia of bands, the rich musical culture, and all the different people, it’s no wonder why we love our home so much. Our city is constantly turning out amazing bands and it’s no surprise. Orlando has laid down a solid foundation for bands and show goers to stand on together.

Hungover are a pop punk outfit from Orlando, Florida. The band just released their newest EP Wilt earlier this year. To hear that record, and any of Hungover’s previous releases, you can click here.

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