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Music Launch Summit Announce Free Global Music Conference

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Picture this—you’re scrolling through the internet and you come across what looks like the perfect music conference. There are top-notch speakers with years of experience, and the workshop titles practically have your name written all over them.

You can’t wait to dive head-first into the conference. But then, you see the price tag. You get a headache just thinking about travel and housing. Suddenly, your dreams are thrown out the window.

We have a solution for you: Music Launch Summit. The summit is put on by Music Launch Hub, an online community for independent musicians and industry professionals founded on the idea that we can do more, together.

The free, virtual music conference will span from September 13-30 and will feature over 40 speakers from all corners of the music industry.

There is an optional VIP upgrade that includes lifetime access to all the classes, as well as a four-week implementation program following the summit. It’s a triple threat.

The summit’s focus is on launching your musical career. You can expect to learn about securing indie radio play, building press around your album, songwriting tips, networking, and more all from the comfort of your living room or local coffee shop.

Check out a list of announced speakers and workshops, below. You can secure your free spot here.


“Creating Your Membership Community & Building a Private Community of Paying Supporters”
Andrew Apanov – WeSpin // Dotted Music

“Build Stronger Industry Connections, Prepare For Your PR Campaign & Finally Get Press “
Angela Mastrogiacomo – Muddy Paw PR

“Creating a Direct To Fan Campaign That Connects, With Questions Crowdsourced From Our Community”
Benji Rogers – Pledge Music

“The 12 Step Launch Strategy to Rule Them All – From Music, to Marketing to Live”
Bram Bessoff – Indiehitmaker

“Building Community; Nailing Twitter, Giving Back & What it Looks Like to be a Modern Musicpreneur”
Carlos Castillo – Schwilly Family Musicians

“Building Your Fan Engagement Funnel, Kicking Ass on Soundcloud & Mindset Hacks Every Artist Needs”
Budi Voogt – Heroic

“Indie Radio Hacks to Growth Farm Your Audience, Get Airplay and Be Uncommon”
D Grant Smith – Appetizer Radio

“An Artist’s Guide to Making An Income, Both Live at Your Launch & Online”
Greg Wilnau – Musician Monster

“How to Overcome Obstacles, The Power of Resilience & Quitting The Perfectionism Drug”
Deb Rogers – The Diva Servant

“Kicking-Ass on Guitar, Overcoming Writers Block & Building a Career Without Touring”
David Wallimann

“Building & Monetizing a Fanbase, Where to Focus With Your Marketing & Common Traps to Avoid”
Ian Clifford – Make It In Music

“How to Dominate with Livestreaming Platforms”
James Wasem – Gigee

“Insights Into How Artists Are Currently Making The Most Out of This Giant Pool of Music Enthusiasts”
Jennie Sager – Twitter

“Getting People to Your Launch Show & Building a Rockin’ Team & Support System Around Your Music”
Joe Taylor Jnr. –

“The Golden Age of Independent Music; How to Grow Deep Emotional Connections With Your Fans”
Kim Lajoie – Obsessive Music

“Power Up Your Profile, Drive Fan Engagement and Get Recognized
Kylie Cobb – Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

“The World of Label’s, DIY & Milking Your Skills to Build a Career While Staying True to Your Roots”
Luke Yeoward – Artist – 131’s

“What it looks like to be a prolificly creative artist & manage your career as an indie”
Marcio Novelli – Artist & Filmaker

“Overcoming Writers Block, Easing Into a Better Writing Process & Nailing Your Launch Performance”
Nicola Milan – Singer’s Secret

“Setting Up a Label, Creating a Collaborative Artist Community & The Truth We All Need to Hear About ‘Making It'”
Phillip Ryan – Block

“What Makes a Stand Out Artist, Expanding Your Vocal Range, Talking To Your Audience (+ Steve get’s Schooled…)”
Renee Grant-Williams – My Voice Coach

“Getting Real on The Industry, Setting up a Label, Running Virtual Team & How A&R Works NOW”
Rick Goetz – Music Consultant

“Get More Done in Less Time as We Explore Focus & Committing to a Creative Life”
Rob Lawrence – Inspirational Creatives

“Getting Endorsed, Navigating Copyrights & Seeking Publishing Opportunities”
Rodney Holder – Music Business Facts

“Stepping Into The Future: How Visual Albums Will Change the Way You Release Your Music.”
Roey Tsemah – Whitestone

“Crating Your Online Presence From Scratch – a Masterclass In WordPress, Design & Being Awesome”
Ross Barber-Smith – Electric Kiwi // Bridge The Atlantic

“Starting & Running a Blog, Building a Career as a Music Pro & Juggling The World”
Sabrina Robertson – Native Tongue // Maths & Magic //

⚡️ Planning Like a Boss – WAIT! It Can be FUN & EASY – Suz Will Show You How ⚡️
Suzanne Paulinski – The Rock/Star Advocate

“Mastering a Career in The Music Business // Mastering Your Own Life in The Process”
Tony ‘Jack The Bear’ Mantz – Deluxe Mastering

“True Artist Development – Growing From Within & Fostering Community”
Wendy Parr – The Artist Circle

“How to Bring Your Digital Marketing to Life, From Funnels to Email Marketing – Here’s Your Digi Class”
Yann Ilunga – The Jazz Spotlight

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