Musicians Weigh In On Jon Stewart’s Departure From The Daily Show

Today was a sad sad day throughout the country. The funniest man on TV, Jon Stewart, is stepping down from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show at the end of this season. No word yet as to who will be replacing him, but he replaced Craig Kilborn in 1999, so I guess it can change hands and the world won’t fall apart. See how musicians reacted to this news below and Comedy Central’s tweet on the matter. Let us know who YOU want to be the next host of The Daily Show.


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Ariella Laichas-Malamud

Co-editor of this fine publication and loving every minute of it. Music is my life as seen by all of my usernames. When I'm not doing music, I'm watching netflix or talking about poetry. Native to sunny city by the beach, English major in one of the rainiest cities on earth.

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