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Hi my name is Anson Li of the band ANSON and I’m going to tell you guys today the story of how ANSON formed.

My whole life I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Even before I started my solo project Anson Li back in 2012, I was always looking for other musicians to jam with and longed for companions on my musical journey. Originally, ANSON wasn’t supposed to be a band project. When I was looking to start writing music again I struggled to find any members for a band. I wrote our EP To Be or Nothing at All almost two years ago while looking for members for a new project. After many internal lineup changes and lack of ability to settle on a band name, I decided to move forward and record the EP myself and see where that took me. I thought it was fate giving me a sign to return to being a solo project, so I named the project ANSON. Little did I know that was the beginning of a long journey which had a light at the end, George and Zack, my talented band members I’m so grateful to have. 

This record was a whirlwind of emotions for me because I was finally exploring some of my most intimate inner demons and coming to terms with them. I never thought I’d be ready to share any of these songs with the world, but fast forward to early 2017 I was ready to start getting the record cycle content ready. The first piece of content I wanted to create was a music video for the single “To Be or Nothing at All”. I was looking for people to play with me in the music video when I was introduced to Zack Mueller our lead guitarist through a mutual friend Brittany of Common Ground Records. She tagged him in a post I made on a Facebook group about looking for people for a music video. I’m so thankful Brittany tagged Zack in that post. After talking for a couple days on instant messenger with Zack, I realized we not only had similar music tastes, but we got along very well and had a lot in common. Every time I talked to Zack I got more and more excited on the possibility of having him be in this band and do this with me.

I met George through a mutual friend Darry on my first ever air-soft day trip. I knew it from the moment I started talking with George that he was a character. He made me laugh so many times that day. We were instant friends. George told me he played bass so I told him we should jam some time. We never ended up jamming till months later when I needed players for the “To Be or Nothing at All” music video. George was down to play bass for the video because he liked the music and I was stoked to have him there. At the shoot for “To Be or Nothing at All” something really magical happened. After spending a full day of us three jamming the song for a music video, we all realized that this was the most fun we had in a while. We enjoyed talking to each other and jamming to the song. I think we all knew then that we wanted to do this together as a band. I asked them if they wanted to join the next week and now we move forward together on this journey. It’s funny how life takes you on unexpected twists and turns in order to achieve what you always wanted. It may have taken a while, but I am, we are excited on the future we have together ahead.

Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock band, ANSON is a 3-piece act set to bridge early 2000’s emo rock with today’s mainstream stratosphere. The group, consisting of Anson Li (Vocals), George Tello (Bassist), and Zack Mueller (Lead Guitarist) offer an array of introspective songs about life and discovering who you are as a person. Their debut EP entitled To Be or Nothing At All, produced byAndrew D’Angelo, mixed by Dan Korneff, and Nick Morzov , and mastered by Ted Jensen was released September 29, 2017.

To hear more from ANSON, you can purchase a CD here.

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