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MY FIRST TIME: Brooke Hummel

Brooke Hummel - Promo
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In our latest edition of My First Time, Florida-born indie-pop artist Brooke Hummel shares her story of the very first time she sang in front of strangers and how she overcame some daunting nerves to make it one of the most important nights of her life. Enjoy and be sure to check out her cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” at the end!

When I first started out as a singer I was really young. Coming in to the industry at such a young age is definitely really intimidating but I’m glad I entered when I did. One of my favorite memories of being in the music business was singing in my church, there were so many amazingly talented people there and I was so blessed to meet them and gain knowledge from them. Without them helping me and giving me that push – I probably would never be where I am today. I knew if I could sing there, I could sing anywhere. My first performance in the church was the most exciting, yet nerve-racking experience ever because it was technically my first time singing in front of people besides my mom and dad. I loved being able to be in such a family-oriented environment and really get a first hand look on what I was getting myself into – haha! I get more nervous surprisingly in small crowds than I do big ones so I was super scared this night because I had to sing in front of all my family and a small crowd of strangers.

The thing that makes it most memorable to me about that time is coming off the podium and realizing I wanted to make this my entire life. Singing in front of people and bringing smiles to their faces is what I’m most passionate about. I feel with my voice, I am able to connect with people on an emotional level that you can’t do by just talking to them – so I can definitely see myself pursuing this full time because from my first time performing, I felt it was meant for me.

Big thanks to Brooke for sharing the story of her very first time singing in front of strangers! This fast-rising indie-pop artist, only 15 years old, has already signed with BNR Records and last month she released a very unique cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s hit “Love Me Like You Mean It”, which you can check out below. The goal of her music is to inspire others to be better people and from what we’ve seen, she’ll have no trouble achieving it. 

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