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MY FIRST TIME: Commonweather

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IMG_3905-2For our first self-titled EP, we were still feeling out the genre. Our previous bands were nothing like what we were trying do with Commonweather, so it was a really fun experience writing the new music. It was all very raw sounding and we definitely weren’t as “effect heavy” as we are now.

We started writing it in January 2014 before we even announced we were a band, so we took our time with the release having no pressure. There’s a couple songs off of it that we still play today and they’re still some of my favorites we’ve ever written. 

Between our self-titled and Apparitions, we definitely have changed and developed a lot. We’ve all had experiences in the past two years that affected the lyrics between friends/loved ones having addictions and dealing with mental stability.

It could also be fact that we all bought and messed around with many different pedals and effects. That for sure was one of the best parts about recording Apparitions. As for now, we’re always writing new songs and are looking forward to developing our sound even more down the line.

Since forming in late 2014, Chicago rockers Commonweather have developed a loyal fan base across Illinois with two promising-but-short EP releases – most recently last year’s Smoke & Decay– whetting the appetite for what fans can expect from Apparitions.

Crediting Bayside and Balance & Composure as major influences – something that bleeds through with the band’s searching and thought-rendering tones and subtle punk injections – the release of Apparitions a catalyst for Commonweather to further enhance their stock in a buoyant Midwest alternative music scene.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

Commonweather have a few shows scheduled for the end of July. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

Keep up with Commonweather by following them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website


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