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MY FIRST TIME: Histories

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The night we made our first and only music video (“Success Is Not Killing Yourself”) is a night that I will never ever forget…excluding the details I’d already forgotten by the next morning, of course. The video captured nostalgic times with great friends at a typical 2013 weekend party in the Histories basement, but it really only depicts a fraction of the events that occurred that night. I’ll attempt to describe the account of this exceptionally weird night, and one which I recall every time I watch the video!

Our friends had volunteered to help us shoot a video in October. After some brief planning and vigorous cleaning, we met in the basement and played through the song a few times to get some “serious” footage before everybody got there for the show. I can be a little camera shy, so my awkwardness during the close-ups is pretty easy to pick out in the video, but we got through it. Everybody eventually started showing up, we played our set like normal (two extra times for Success), and the party began.

Now, I remained (relatively) sober up to this point, but the moment we were done playing that quickly changed. Soon after, I got word from Shon that the local party bus had taken a stop in front of our house! I promptly dropped everything, and we forced our way through the crowd to get on the bus before it left. As I got outside and was approaching it, I noticed my girlfriend of the past two weeks dumbstruck and irritated in the front yard, so I motioned vigorously for her to come with us. She declined, so I did what any rational human would do and got on the bus without her. In my defence, I had been dreaming about hopping on and crashing a bunch of strangers’ party for some time, and it was PARKED IN FRONT OF OUR FUCKING HOUSE.

We proceeded to drink in a moving vehicle and dance to top forties while the bus took us on a tour of downtown. I was a delivery driver, at the time, and knew just about every address in downtown SGF, but even I didn’t have a clue where we were when we were kicked off the bus shortly after. I jumped off only to find that my girlfriend had been following us the entire time! She was livid for reasons I didn’t fully understand, but it actually worked out great because we needed a ride back to the house.

Sure as daylight, a cop turned on his lights right behind us as we got home and said he was shutting down the party. Shon, being the only guy good at handling cops, stayed outside and sent his girlfriend in to start shutting down, a move which quickly developed into a catfight in the kitchen…

We eventually re-convened on the trampoline in the wee hours of the morning and reflected on what had just happened. Our camera guy joined us and informed us that he and his best friend (assistant) were, in fact, under the influence of a variety of substances that night and didn’t want to risk damaging their thousand-dollar school equipment, which is completely understandable! Up to that point, though, we thought the whole night had been getting filmed, but it seems the party took over, which almost makes it better. It’s just a memory we forever get to keep in our minds, and now the readers of Infectious Magazine. Thanks for reading, guys!

Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, alternative rock quartet Histories have been making big waves all across the Midwest and are set for even bigger things in 2015. With two EPs already under their belt, the band recently announced that they are heading into the studio on April 1 to record their debut full-length album. Check out the video that inspired this article below and if you’re digging the song, you can hear more of the band’s music and purchase a CD here.

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