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MY FIRST TIME: Jump For The Sails

My First Time copy 2The first music video any of us had ever been in was our very own. It was for the debut single “X Marks The Spot”. We had never shot a video before and while we were excited, we were all still very curious about the whole thing. We’d never shot any type of video other than from our phones and from old video cameras from the early 2000’s for fun. This was the first time we would be working with actual legit cameras, lighting and a story to follow.

The house Ken and I lived at had just been sold and they were already tearing it up to look for wall studs and where the electrical lines ran. So it made it look a lot more interesting than just a normal house. With the holes in the wall and a lot of our old stuff lying around it almost looked like a post-apocalyptic setting which was perfect for the kind of video we were going for. 

With the help of Shane Kelley and the Manic Kat Records team, we were getting ready to film our first video. The most difficult part of the actually video was coming up with a story that was budget friendly.

After growing up loving sci-fi, horror and all things related we weren’t sure how to go about actually having a story for a video. We simply came up with the idea that we were three brothers on the run looking for a place to hide from (Something).

After many attempts and different ideas of death scenes, we finally were able to film enough footage for Shane to work with . It was extremely fun filming the video, it was a chance for us to really be ourselves and have that captured on camera. It was also nice to have our first video filmed at the house that helped shape this band into what it was today.

To hear more from Jump For The Sails, follow them on social media: Facebook  | Twitter | ReverbNation

Their new album Astoria just dropped on March 24th. To purchase a CD, click here. The album is also available to stream on SoundCloud here.

To see Jump For The Sails live, you can buy concert tickets here.


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