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MY FIRST TIME: Matt Brown – Founder/CEO Of Haulix

My First Time copy 2Starting a new business can be quite the adventure. You are full of optimism, as well as an uncertainty, for what the future will hold. Matt Brown is the Founder/CEO of Haulix, one of the most popular platforms for labels and publicists to send advances to your favorite blogs. Check out Brown’s story below about the start up of this company and his first time running a real business.

For more information on Haulix, check out their website here.

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Haulix_LogoIn the last 15 years or so, I’ve started quite a few ventures; mostly web-based sites in hopes of one of them forming into a legitimate business.  I’ve always had that fire inside of me to create something from scratch that would eventually bring in a steady income.  Throughout most of those years I played it safe, keeping a day job while starting something on the side.  In 2009 reality set in quickly when all of a sudden I was starting a business with no backup job on the side.  I had a little bit of money saved up but I knew it wouldn’t last very long.  Let me say, working on your own time in an effort to keep your house and put food on the table is a lot different from working in a safe cubicle environment while making your boss richer. It was almost like being stranded out in the middle of the woods in that my survival would be a direct result of my own efforts and what I could accomplish.

When you start a business, it’s the unknown that is both exciting and scary at the same time.  Construction on our digital promotion platform Haulix began and the clock was ticking. You have to employ an optimistic approach because you don’t know if you will succeed or not and there is a feeling of “What if we don’t succeed?  Are we wasting our time? What’s plan B if this doesn’t take off?”.  There’s a psychological game playing in your head while you are physically building the business.

After initial development was finished, I would literally contact record labels one at a time and pitch to get them to sign up.  After we got a few customers, there was that a-ha moment when I knew we might be onto something. Looking back, there were so many little clerical-related things that needed to be done that I wasn’t initially anticipating.  We needed a lawyer, trademarked the name, partner contracts, filing the business with the state, creating a bank account, ordering checks, setting up the payment gateway, deciding company hours and about a hundred other things.

It’s been six years now and sometimes I’ll reminisce and wonder how I survived such a bumpy roller coaster ride.  At the same time, if we didn’t have those up’s and down’s the overall success wouldn’t feel as deserved as it does.  We paid our dues and I’m glad I took that initial plunge. I don’t have to worry about putting food on the table anymore and I can now enjoy new experiences like giving out Christmas bonuses to employees.

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