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MY FIRST TIME: Mike & Matt Gevaza – Continental Recording Studio

Photo Credit: Maria Newman (2016)
Photo Credit: Maria Newman (2016)

The first full length album that we recorded at Continental was the self­titled release from Brooklyn­ based indie rockers John Severin and the Quiet 1s. At the time we were at our gritty Van Dam Street location in LIC. Continental Recording Studio started in Greenpoint, NY in 2008, where we worked endless days and nights honing our craft. We eventually expanded to a location on Van Dam Street in Queens and eventually to our current location is just off of Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City.

During the early 2010’s we were experimenting heavily with sound. From tracking drums with the live room door open and the hallway mic’d, running mixes through reverb pedals, recording cigarette­box guitar amps, and using toy pianos, we found ourselves developing our own unique approach to recording that mixed classic techniques with modern innovation. Our classic-­modern dichotomy manifested in our gear selection. During the tracking of the Quiet 1s self-­titled album, we tracked with a vintage live­ sound console and a collection of low ­end microphones. It was in this no ­frills context that we truly learned that it’s not the equipment that makes a recording great; it’s the skill of the engineer, choice of microphone type and placement, attention to detail, and passion for creating sonic art that make a recording great.

During the tracking of the Quiet 1s self-­titled album, we were going for a live feel that really captured the band’s chemistry. In the live room we tracked everything together; amped guitars, amped bass, and a full drum kit. With homemade gobos we were able to get a high degree of isolation with a bit of bleed for color. We layered the album beautifully. From acoustic and electric guitar overdubs, acoustic piano, percussion, vocals, harmonies, and gang vocals, not a second sound went unaccounted for. It was through this process that our mastery of the album­ creation process really blossomed. Having begun recording in our parent’s basement on a Tascam Portastudio, Korg D1600, and Korg D3200 10 years prior, our intuitive creativity and sensitivity to an artist’s vision produced a truly great sounding album. Listening back now six years later with much higher­ end gear, a proper recording facility, and dozens of full-­lengths and EPs under our belt, our recording of the Quiet 1s self-­titled album stands the test of time.

There are many facets to making an album and working on the Quiet 1s album was a great exercise in the process of producing a full length. There is much more to it than just simply recording the music. Every detail on the record was thoroughly thought out. From the instrumentation choices to the order of the album, the whole record is designed to move the listener. One major goal of a record is to take the listener to a different place and working on this record really helped shape our ability to achieve this.

This album was completed in 2011 and it will be seeing its public release on our affiliate record label, Electric Giant Productions, later this year. Since recording this album, the full-length has become a major cornerstone of what we do at Continental. It has certainly remained a very exciting process for us and an extraordinary art form.

Continental Recording Studio started in Greenpoint, NY in 2008 by brothers Mike and Matt Gevaza. The two brothers’ passion for music has made Continental Recording Studio stand out from other studios in NYC. Mike started his career early by recording high school bands in the basement of their parents home and on location. Mike’s classic approach to recording audio solidified with his apprenticeship under Grammy Award winning and Gold Certified producer Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound in Manhattan, NYC.

Matt on the other hand had a passion for performing and playing live. Having played some of NYC’s most storied venues with countless other bands, his interests evolved into the business aspect of the industry. His drive to work with and develop up and coming musicians has led him to co-­create Electric Giant Productions, Continental’s affiliate record label/publishing company. With a Masters degree from NYU’s Music Business program Matt is on his way to becoming a leader in the industry.

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To learn more about Electric Giant Productions, you can visit their website or Facebook.

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