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My First Time Self-Producing a Full-Length Album: “A View From The Highest Point”

When I recorded my album “A View From The Highest Point”, I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities as a musician. I started to believe more in what I can do in music and pushed myself further than I thought imaginable. This was my first album I produced.

As any new endeavor goes, there are bad and good experiences. I had some money saved up and decided that I needed a producer with credits – someone who would elevate my sound and use his connections to market our product to the right audience. I had a consulting manager at the time and she recommended a producer who I ended up working with because I trusted her. After working on a few songs with this one producer, I grew quite unhappy with the product we were making and I had invested a good amount of money into the project. I was in quite deep and there were contracts in place, and it was just a messy situation. I became quite uninspired and felt like I got ripped off. It wasn’t a great experience for me creatively or emotionally and I knew I had to do something different to make better of the situation.

Just about a month or so after this incident, I started getting this feeling that if I just took my time on this music project and educated myself more, I could self produce my whole album. I could be the Producer! I threw my whole self in to learning what it takes to produce good music and finding a sound that was in the direction I was confident in. I took a songwriting course and improving my production skills at home became more than a hobby. During that time, I slowly began to create what would be the songs for this album, “A View From The Highest Point”. It took about a year of going back and forth with an engineer that I had worked with before to make sure we had everything done properly. I would produce the songs at home in Logic and arrange them so they were ready for other musicians to lay down my ideas. I ended up recording most the bass lines, all the guitars, most the synth/pads, and wrote all the songs. This was my music accomplishment that I was proud of.

When that album was completed, I knew that I didn’t need a high profile producer. I started believing in myself and I’m more involved in the production process as a result. I still believe that working with producers can be a positive experience, but you have to do your homework and make sure the vibe is right. Finding the right producer is more than just finding someone who has some skills and some credits. You need to be able to feel comfortable with that person so you can get the best performance possible.

Sam Hale is an Iranian-American singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. His musical influences have blended over time to produce a rich musical landscape consisting of ethereal synths and beats, electric guitars, and live drums.  After years of sharing his music in Los Angeles, Hale decided to continue his journey in Nashville where he created his third EP, ‘Somewhere Between Love and War ‘with Sam Kassirer, known for producing and performing with Josh Ritter.

‘Somewhere Between Love and War’ holds nothing back, as Hale gives listeners a deep glimpse into his personal struggles. “In the past year, I have made a lot of sacrifices and shifted my energy quite a bit and this EP shows my process through it all,” he explains. “I told myself, I could either be the safe version of myself, or the boldest. I chose the latter.”

Hale’s latest project infuses his love for rock, blues, electronic, pop, and hip-hop in a way that appeals to his heart. ‘Somewhere Between Love and War’ released on October 12, 2018 and is available on all major digital music platforms.

Go behind the scenes of his album release show this Sat Oct 20th, as he takes over Infectious’ Instagram (@InfectiousMagazine) 

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