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Table TalkWe’ve only been playing under this guise for about a year and a half now but in that time we’ve done two tours, four weekend runs, recorded and released a split, and recently released our first EP Table Talk. We decided early on that we were going to make an honest attempt and try to progress this band in the direction we want it to go.

Writing played a huge role in advancing our passions as we really hadn’t played together for a very long time before deciding to write the record. Ryan had joined our band only three months before we released our first split which we recorded while on our first tour so there wasn’t a lot of time for us at the beginning to really get a chance to work with one another intimately.

We were practicing at an hourly practice space where we paid for a two hour maybe four times a month. Once we got home from tour we were given the chance to move into a monthly rental space where we would have 24 hour access and basically have the ability to create in a space that we were able to make our own. Without the opportunity to move into our practice space, I don’t think we would have a record. The frustration of hourly rentals and trying to cram song-writing into the allotted time is that the worry or running out of time detracts from your ability to devote all of your attention to what you’re creating, it leads to a disingenuous approach to writing and I don’t think any of us would have been able to handle that.

We wrote this record by spending literally 8-10 hours in that practice space drilling ideas, drinking coffee, and taking smoke breaks. In retrospect, those were the hours and days during which we became the band we are today. It’s how we became the family that we are and it’s the reason we were able to produce a record that was so absolutely genuine and meaningful to all of us even though the songs have really particular meanings. That’s the effect we really wanted our music to have on our audience as well is finding a way to relate these personal anecdotes to strangers and just share a bond with them and know that there’s someone else in the world who’s going through what I’m going through.

Relatability is everything to us and I just love that we as a group of individuals always try our best to just be ourselves and love and accept one another and the reciprocation of that is truly indescribable when it’s between us and people we meet at a show.

Despite forming just a year ago in their current guise, the members of Table Talk have been contributing to the eminent Long Island alternative scene for nearly seven years.

Drawing on influences ranging from Good Old War, Motion City Soundtrack, The Weakerthans and Jimmy Eat World, Table Talk deliver an engrossing balance of melodic and intricate alternative rock, honing a refined blend of twangy indie-pop and intoxicating riffs.

Having released a splendid split with Massachusetts’ Northernmost in early 2015, Table Talk displayed an anxious, punchy side with their duo of emo-infused tracks, with both “Promotion” and “Masochist” setting a high standard but merely scratching the surface of what was to follow with new self-titled EP Table Talk. The release has been greeted with a swell of commendation from the indie scene across the Northeast and beyond.

To hear more from Table Talk, you can purchase a CD here.

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