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Night Verses Tour Diary #1

Night VersesInfectious Magazine has teamed up with Night Verses to bring you a series of tour diaries from The Come Hungry Tour with Wilson. Check out the first entry after the jump and buy concert tickets for upcoming dates here!

March 28th: Rochester, NY

This is our second tour ever in the states and our third tour overall. So, it’s been an exciting time to say the least. The first day was in Rochester at a place called Dub Land Underground. A small room underneath a pretty low-key bar, staffed with very nice people. The show started off small but as the night progressed bodies filled the venue and a vibe started to come together. It turned out to be a great show. It was our first night seeing Wilson and we were very happy to be a part of a tour with a band doing something as original as what they are doing. We’ve been pretty fortunate, being able to start touring with bands like letlive., Flood of Red (UK) and Wilson. We’ve started touring with bands we highly respect and we look forward to keeping that going.

March 29th: Worcester, MA

Tonight was Worcester, MA, upstairs at the Palladium. I had started getting sick the night before and lost my voice a bit before getting onstage. No singer (or anyone for that matter) likes being sick.. especially when it interferes with how you have to work or live. However, the show must go on, yeah? We arrived in Worcester and went looking for cough drops and other essentials when we came across this older dude who was calling Aric, “Ozzy Osbourne”… assuming it’s because of the long hair. We had some laughs and immediately after, we came across a younger kid by the name of Dylan. Dylan was attending the show and began to tell us how excited he was. He said, “Can’t wait.. it’s going to get real violent.” Haha… it was a pretty funny thing to hear in the middle of the day when searching for cough drops. We laughed, shook his hand and headed off. When we arrived at the venue we hung out with Wilson and waited for the show start. Another great turnout for a new band and a smaller tour. Being that this band is so new, we really have no expectations on turnouts. We just want to play music because we love it and this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. So, when we see fifty to a hundred kids coming out on our third tour ever… we can’t help but be extremely pleased. My voice was pretty shot but we all had an amazing time and were very pleased with Worcester.

March 30th: Long Island, NY

I have to admit I was a bit stressed about this one. It’s sad to say but Long Island has lost so many great venues that it takes a toll on its music scene and the people involved. We played at a venue known as Vibe Lounge… the venue is at the edge of a pretty nice area. We had arrived there early to hang with one of my best friends. He’s actually one of the owners a pizza spot in the area, so, we had all met up, grabbed food and he gave my band members a tour around the neighborhood. Long Island has been my home for ten years or so. I had just recently moved away from the island but it’s still a hometown feeling when I am there. With that said, this was the band’s first Long Island show ever… I was a bit restless and wanted to make sure the whole evening went perfect. My voice had actually gotten worse since being sick and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to perform my best that evening… that was something that seriously bothered me. I don’t want a lot of my friends to see us for the first time and hear me coughing between every line I sing. Anyway, the show started, the locals played and we took the stage. I didn’t have a voice at all but we still made it happen. I felt great about the show and was happy to see that people came out. Wilson played an amazing set, as they do every night. It’s really great being on tour with them. After the show, we went to The Leaky Lifeboat which is a bar owned by the same dudes who own the pizza place. We brought Wilson to the bar and what seemed like a lot of people from the show. It’s always great to hang with people you tour with outside of whatever venue or area you’re playing in.

March 31st: Philadelphia

Happy Easter, tonight was The Barbary in Philadelphia. I am over my cold but my voice is 100% gone. It’s difficult to nurse yourself back to health while having absolutely no time to get better. I would never be the type to cancel a show, I am just not as young as I used to be and now understand the value of taking care of yourself and your body. Anyway, The Barbary wound up being an amazing show. There were more people than I thought for it being Easter Sunday. I guess when you get older you just finish up dinner with family and realize you still have other stuff you have or want to do…. I was happy tonight was one of those nights. I feel we played very well and everyone in the crowd seemed to feel the same. That always makes me happy. Sick or not, myself and the rest of the guys in the band will always play with every ounce of energy in our bones. It’s just who we are. We love and appreciate what we do and would never take it for granted. I will say that I am thankful to be writing this entry from the comfort of my own home… with a cup of hot tea and throat medicine. I have all day tomorrow to rest in bed and not speak a word to anyone. I need to get better for our next show…. New York City.




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