Nine Inch Nails ‘Hesitation Marks’ Featured Artists

nine-inch-nails-hesitation-marksNine Inch Nails announced quite a bit yesterday about their upcoming eighth studio album Hesitation Marks, due out Sept. 3, which we’ve already reported on here.  On top of this, however, the band announced several featured artists that will be making appearances, specifically Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Pino Palladino of the Who, and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv.  NIN frontman Trent Reznor is apparently attempting to build an album with a sound inspired by 70’s era music and artists, so he is certainly assembling the right cast of characters for the job. You can buy concert tickets hereHesitation Marks is available for preorder and you can purchase a CD here.

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