New Music Monday: The Commuters “Rescue”

There’s no question. As The Commuters’ opening song, “As I Make My Way” plays out, iTunes counting out our time together, I feel overwhelmed with images of a life I haven’t yet lived. Nightlights and performances fill my mind, urging me to get up and out, living each moment to its fullest-it is these exact feelings that The Commuters’ debut album, Rescue evoke.

The album calms to a much more mellow tempo by the third track, “Rescue” which although keeping things from being too slow for the album, allows us to see another side of The Commuters, airing their vast talent, and making them all the more alluring. “You’ll Stay Right Here”, another of the band’s calming tracks is a personal favorite, leading the album towards a beautiful close.

All in all, Rescue is an uplifting mix of past lives and memories to be made showcasing The Commuters ever-growing talent. In short, it’s 40 minutes of pure entrancement.

Rescue drops April 17th, and you can keep up to date with the latest on The Commuters by liking them on Facebook!

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

Founder of Infectious Magazine & Muddy Paw Public Relations. Lover of passion, ice cream, and books.

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3 Thoughts to “New Music Monday: The Commuters “Rescue””

  1. Owo that’s great. I am waiting to get more track.

  2. Rani

    Amazing piece on Zeeshan Zaidi and The Commuters. Great work!

  3. Aukse

    The Commuters and Zeeshan Zaidi are getting bigger and bigger. Good article.

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