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One Direction Broke The 24 Hour Vevo Record?

Directioners set out this weekend to break the 24 hour Vevo record. The previous record was set by Nikki Minaj’s Anaconda. If you don’t know how the Vevo record works, or even what it is, you aren’t alone, so let me explain. Vevo adds up the amount of views of a certain video, in this case, “Steal My Girl” by One Direction and comes up with a number. The views are compiled from all of their platforms. This includes Yahoo, AOL, Youtube and more. If these votes total more than the last 24 hours Vevo record, it “wins”. Directioners worked tirelessly this weekend to make this happen almost crashing some social media sites in the process.

Though “WEBROKETHEVEVORECORD” trended on Twitter for all of yesterday, this hasn’t yet been announced officially. Fans are taking queues from Harry Styles who tweeted them a congratulations for breaking the record. Vevo was supposed to announce if they did, in fact, break the record yesterday. However the announcement never happened. So the question remains…Did Directioners break the Vevo 24 hour record?

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See Styles’ and Vevo’s  tweets after the jump.

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