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Out Of The Box Promotions: Tapping Into The Inner Child To Promote Our Music

HeroTheBand_Photo2Being a band with a unique sound, we knew we needed an innovative promotion strategy to connect with people and to build our fan base. We had to totally operate outside of the box to reach new fans. Collectively we decided that tapping into the “inner child” would be the best way to organically reach more people. This is something that most artists would never consider doing to promote their music.

We innocently started on this mission about a year ago by organizing kickball games during the summer on Sunday afternoons. We found that engaging in friendly competition with our existing fan base – “Hero Nation”  – we created a unique bond with the participants. Each week more people came to play kickball and we found that those new friends started connecting with us on social media, coming to our shows and supporting our music endeavors. We were creating bonds with people through fun and those people became die-hard, loyal fans. To continue the build, our brother DJ (drummer) always loved Cookie Monster as a child and decided to purchase the costume to bring a smile to his kids’ faces. Once he owned the costume, he would put it on and ride around in his convertible to bring a smile to the faces of the kids in the neighborhood. He saw that he not only connected with the children but grown-ups were smiling and waving at Cookie Monster as well.

Seeing the reaction DJ received in the Cookie Monster costume, we decided to build on that idea and tap into the inner child of our fans. We invested in our favorite character costumes to create a unique street promotions team for our band.  We purchased Sonic, Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob, Mario and a Ninja Turtle costume to create the “Street Heroes” promotions team.

The Street Heroes began hitting the party scene in Atlanta, passing out promotional items for Hero The Band. We found that people genuinely loved these characters and they were happy to take pictures and videos and post them to their social media platforms. People were open to accept our music and connect with us because the Street Heroes reminded them of their childhood and the happy times in their lives.

Now when the Street Heroes hit the party scene, they get into clubs and create positive energy and good vibes with people. This is ultimately what Hero The Band is all about, and what we aim to achieve through our music. We are able to connect with people in ways we never imagined. Creating the Street Heroes promotions team has been a huge success for us as we build our fan base and expand our audience. We found that tapping into the inner child of our audience creates long lasting bonds that become loyal fans, and we’re very proud to create such positive energy.

Hero The Band is composed of four blood-related brothers who want to spread the message of self-love and identity through their music. Their latest album Bleach was released on March 1st, and it’s 16 tracks are dedicated to the notion that relationships are nice, but love can be found in many different ways. You have to love your self before you can love someone else.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here. If you’re heading to South By Southwest this year, be sure to check out Hero The Band!

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