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Album Review: Hearken ‘Help Me, I’m Alive’

Two-piece Pittsburgh grunge rock punk outfit, Hearken, released their debut record, Help Me, I’m Alive, June 27th. The band was described to me along the lines of ‘Sonic Youth meets Nirvana – super raw, super authentic, great songs.’ with influences like Hole, Death From Above, Queens of the Stone Age, Teagan and Sara, Brand New, Screaming Females, Interpol, and Julien Baker, Hearken sheds light on dark subjects like depression, addiction, and relationships. Lead vocalist Donny Donovan also produced the record, and played all instruments except for drums. Donovan spoke about…

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Album Review: The Futureheads ‘Powers’

While it might feel like the last few years have really changed the country, the globe, and the world as we know it — the one thing we hadn’t heard from in awhile was UK indie post-punk group, The Futureheads. Friday, August 30th marked the release date of The Futureheads‘ sixth studio album, Powers, via Nul Records. The last time we heard a studio album from the fourpiece, it was 2012. Solo records, and acapella releases made for a different sound than the frantic British guitar hysteria harmonies fans were…

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Mental Health Matters: An Ode To Greg

Photo: Priscilla Bouillon This year I’ve driven a minivan to literally every corner of the United States. From as far south as San Diego, up to Seattle, all the way across to Boston, down to Atlanta, and all the places in between. I’ve played at dive bars, backyard parties, theaters, small clubs, mid-sized clubs and basically anywhere that will let me play. All because of a dream and a friendship that started on a school bus in Junior High. I met Greg Hillman on my first day of sixth grade…

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PHOTOS: Lawrence

Hailing from New York City, Lawrence is lead by brother-sister duo Gracie and Clyde. With a full horn section, rhythm section and soulful vocals, this band is hot on the scene looking to make their audience and fans dance. Newly signed to Jon Bellion’s label Beautiful Mind Records, you can fully expect this group to keep their foot on the gas. Check out their photos from their Arizona tour date and keep up with them on socials. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

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Local Heroes: How JONO is Saving the Environment With His New Single “North”

Nature has such a powerful influence on music. Sunny skies, cloudy days, tropical vs. urban; all have shaped different genres of music and moods. Nature is absolutely my number one influence as an artist. It gives my music meaning. And for my solo instrumental rock project, JONO, nature is much more than an influence. After two releases inspired by nature, I felt that it was time to give back. With my newest release, “North” (a song inspired by the Pacific Northwest), all proceeds from the song go towards the preservation…

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Genres Don’t Have to Be Suffocating

(Photo credit: Kathrin Baumbach) I recently had a very frank email exchange with a friend of mine who reviews music.  “I am bored shitless of singer-songwriters,” they said. It was the most triumphant and illuminating sentence I have read in quite a while, and I endeavor to read as much as I possibly can (top tip* try Jelinek’s ‘The Piano Teacher’ or Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett). It is, however, a difficult title to break from when you stand on stage with an acoustic guitar. I am well aware of the…

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PHOTOS: LÉON+Morgan Saint

LÉON hit the road in March for her Euro/North America Tour. With a handful of sold out dates under her belt, as well as a recently dropped debut album, the Swedish artist has chill vibes and a sultry vocal range that is one to keep an eye on. She stopped in Phoenix during the last week of tour with fellow female singer songwriter Morgan Saint. Check out the photos below and keep up with both artists on social media. Morgan Saint: Facebook – Instagram – SpotifyLÉON: Facebook – Instagram –…

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Live Review: Snow Patrol

Thankfully, Michiganders didn’t have to brave any cold temperatures or snowy conditions to make it out to the Snow Patrol concert on Saturday, May 4th at Royal Oak Music Theatre. The band’s live performance showed off the masterfully crafted pieces, along with some new songs by the Northern Ireland fivepiece. After a seven year hiatus, their live show full proved Snow Patrol is not feeling too weathered to play those fan faves and familiar radio hits of yesteryear. The night provided two openers, first up was Ryan McMullan, also from…

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Interview: Owen Glass

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me, Kelly! You’re one half of the duo known as Owen-Glass, an indie folk-rock duo that incorporates textured soundscapes and multi instrumental solos. Tell me a little more about how you settled on this sound, and the process of experimenting to get to this point. Thanks for having me. Honestly, our sound happened totally organically. I knew I wanted a big sound with lots of instrumental breaks. I didn’t have any way of knowing what everyone would sound like all…

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