Album Review: Chon ‘Homey’ Album Reviews News Reviews 

Album Review: Chon ‘Homey’

After the release of their premiere LP Grow in 2015, Chon was labeled every genre in the book. To some they were a simple math rock group, at times ambient. To others, they were more progressive, and even verged on metal. Regardless of preference, every term worked because Chon infused each of these elements into their sound. While some are bound to say Chon’s 2017 release Homey solidified their place in the world of progressive, ambient, math-rock, the truth of the matter is that this summer-influenced LP has actually pushed…

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Mental Health Matters: Diabetes Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Diabetes

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 27 years. At age 13, I came out of a near death coma with partial memory loss and a strong desire to master the solo in Metallica’s “One”. Since then I’ve dealt with the many pitfalls that come along with having a chronic condition in the Unites States. It’s affected every single aspect of my life, including being a touring and recording musician. Managing a healthy blood sugar level is a nonstop balancing act. It takes discipline and patience to adapt to changing…

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Use Your Shows To Build Relationships Band of the Month Features News Rock The Most Important Thing I've Learned 

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Use Your Shows To Build Relationships

Our touring experiences have definitely changed our outlook on playing shows. Instead of just focusing on the performance, we have learned to treat the entire night as a networking event. From the time we arrive for load-in until we close the doors of the van to leave, we look for every opportunity to build relationships with everyone at the show. There are a lot of bands who choose to hang out in their vans or hang out backstage before they go on stage, but those bands miss out on a…

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PHOTOS: We Came As Romans at Kohl Fest, Reading, PA Metal News 

PHOTOS: We Came As Romans at Kohl Fest, Reading, PA

I recently attended the 2017 Kohl Fest in Reading Pennsylvania, where I caught headliners We Came As Romans— and after a long day in the hot sun they were the perfect band to end the night. WCAR put on a explosive performance, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. Dave Stephens, one of their two vocalist kept the energy up in the room and never stopped moving on stage. At one point during their performance, Kyle Pavone, their second vocalist reached out into the sea of people to grab a Go…

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Asking Alexandria Finish 5th Album Metal News 

Asking Alexandria Finish 5th Album

Not too long ago, Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop stated there will be a new album from the group fairly soon – within the next year, in fact. The band are making good on their promise. Worsnop has been taking to Twitter to update followers on the album progress, and he announced that the album is finally finished. With their new record being the first album with Worsnop back at the helm, it’s one many fans are looking forward to. Check out the tweet from Worsnop after the jump! For…

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STREAM: Silverstein, “Lost Positives” News Post-hardcore 

STREAM: Silverstein, “Lost Positives”

Silverstein are set to have a busy summer between their stint on the Vans Warped Tour and a new album, Dead Reflection (due July 14th).   To give fans a taste of what to expect, the group premiered a new single off the effort, “Lost Positives.” Check it out after the jump! For more Silverstein, you can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here!

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Mental Health Matters: The Monster in My Head Features Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: The Monster in My Head

There is a monster in my head. I mean, I think there is a monster in everyone’s head, but I’m most familiar with my own monster. Being an artist and a songwriter has allowed me to become very good friends with that monster. The interesting part about my relationship with my monster is that I would never trade it for anything, because without it I’d never be able to feel the massive extremes that I’ve felt. So, in some ways it kind of feels like you have mental health X-Men…

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