Paramore Confirm Next Single, “Still Into You”


Paramore USE THISParamore’s Hayley Williams confirmed in a recent interview with Spin that “Still Into You” would be the band’s next single. Check out an excerpt after the jump.

I’ve seen some chatter that “Still Into You,” which is kind of a sweet, happy love song, will be the next single. Is that true?
That is true. “Still Into You” is definitely a love song. It’s definitely happy. But to me anyway — and obviously I wrote it so maybe I’m biased, but — it’s not a sappy love song. We wrote “The Only Exception” a while ago, and that song is definitely like a slow love ballad, and this is totally not that song. I’m excited for that! We’ve never done that before, and honestly I don’t have a whole lot of experience writing love songs, or anyways lyrics that are like this. So I’m just ready. Wherever this song goes, whatever it does, I’m just excited for our fans to hear it.

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