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Paramore USE THISParamore’s Hayley Williams recently did an interview with Drowned In Sound, in which they discussed the changing genres of mainstream radio, fun., and Gotye. Check  out an excerpt after the jump.

DIS: But suddenly really really mainstream American radio opened up to bands that emo-pop and a lot more alternative music…

HW: Yeah we were talking about this on the plane. The last couple of years of music has been really really exciting. There’s been a lot of bands break through that sort of mainstream…they made it through, they passed whatever tests they needed to pass to break through, but still maintained their spirit. Bands like Fun. have done that, and obviously that Gotye  song washuge, and it made an impact on a lot of people and people started taking notice of music that they weren’t familiar with before. And that was really exciting for us to watch. Obviously at the same time, we were getting ready to write, it was frightening. We wondered are we going to be able to fit in to this when we get back out there. I think maybe it did have hand in influencing or inspiring us a certain direction, but in the end I’m really happy with where music is right now and the fact that we’re coming back into it and I feel that everything’s really fresh and exciting.

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