Pentimento Releases Statement Thanking Fans

Pentimento has released a lengthy thank you statement for their fans. Check it out below.

There are no words I can use to express the gravity of what the past week has meant to our band. All I can draw up is that it has literally changed our lives forever. It was amazing to read all the messages people sent via e-mail/social media/otherwise. When I started to see what the initial response to the new record was, I couldn’t think to do anything but bawl my eyes out at the beautiful and heartfelt things that people said. To know that there are people in the world who actually care about what we have to offer as a band is overwhelming. I think I speak for the 4 of us when I tell you that the kind words are all something that will stick with us until the end of time.

When we talked about what it would mean for our band to push forward with releasing the record on our own, and for free, we never imagined things happening the way they did. The tremendous amount of support from our friends, family, and other bands who were all willing to have our backs at this impasse was something that was truly moving, and all I can say is that we hope everyone knows how much we appreciate it. We owe so many “Thank You’s” to so many people, and I can promise that we’re doing our best to reach out to everyone individually who took the time to reach out to us and let us know their thoughts on our band or our new record. For every person that had the spirit to tell us about the ways our music has touched you, inspired you, or said that our songs were something they could genuinely relate to – please know that what you have to say affects all four of us in the exact same manner, and certainly does not go unnoticed. To say “It means the world to us” would be an understatement, because there is no true way to express to you how grateful and thankful we are for every single person who took the time to download and listen to the record. This has amazed and humbled us as human beings. We can’t wait to be on the road, sharing these songs with all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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