Pete Wentz Explains Why Fall Out Boy’s Reunion Was Kept Under Wraps

Fall Out BoyIn an interview with Billboard, FOB bassis Pete Wentz opens up about the group’s reunion.  Explaining the group’s relationship prior to the 2009 hiatus Wentz notes, “We weren’t talking to each other, we were talking through managers, not speaking up to each other.  Patrick and Joe — they never really had been adults without Fall Out Boy.”  Regarding the secrecy of their reunion, Wentz is pretty blunt: “Part of it is you want to do it on your own terms. Elvis didn’t have anyone come to his house and watch him practice his dance moves in his pajamas.  But on top of that, it wasn’t “real” until certain moments.”

Fall Out Boy’s new album, Save Rock and Roll is now out. You can purchase a CD or vinyl here and buy concert tickets here.

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