Pete Wentz Responds To Listener Reactions

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Fall Out Boy 2013Pete Wentz recently responded to criticisms of Fall Out Boy’s different sound on his blog. Read what Wentz had to say below.


tttyg to dance, dance– one of the first songs written for cork tree. some of our friends said this was a weird jump. fuct to arms race our label and a lot of our friends said this isn’t what people expect out of fall out boy and radio is not going to play this song. they said your career is done if you do it. ioh tofad I’m not sure a lot of people we played it for at the time agreed that it was the right record to put out, certainly not the safest. but it was a decision we had to make to keep our band progressing. when we talked about coming back a few of our friends said “you need to write sugar again”. that is not why we play music. not why we do this band. the old songs exist- they are an era. it would not be authentic of us, in fact it would be dishonest to try and write them or songs that sound like them. think of how much you have changed in 10 years. so have we as a band. we do this because we love to do it. we love our fans. but we are not burger king- we aren’t just putting the toppings on that you want to hear. if we were we never would have made tttyg in the first place. I’m not going to address it again but i do want to be respectful to this part of our fan base. we are not going to do it because we have too much respect for that era, we don’t want to cheapen it. we want to remember it as it was. we will still play those songs when we tour. we believe our best days are ahead of us and yours are too. it is our job as artists to push and change- even if it upsets people. otherwise why make art?

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