PHOTOS: Being As An Ocean, Anaheim, CA


Being As An Ocean stopped at Chain Reaction for the last date of their headlining tour that SOLD OUT! The second that Joel stepped on stage to get his mic set up, fans roared with excitement & started stage diving immediately. Who says you need music to have a good time at a show? (It helps sometimes, haha)

They opened up with Little Richie (How can we know Love when we were never shown it?) Joel gave the crowd a speech about how we are all humans & every single one of us deserve love. He went on to talk about how It doesn’t matter what religious beliefs you have or what sex you are, you’re a human & you deserve to be treated as one. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

The fog really added to the atmosphere of the show, the lights were hidden by a cloud of smoke as were the members of the band, everyone once in a while you could catch a sight of Tyler (Lead Guitarist) & Ralph (Bass) on the right side of the stage as well as Michael (Clean Vocals, Rhythm guitar) on the right. Jesse (Drums) was hidden all night long, but his contribution to the show was well appreciated!

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Krystina Alfonso

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