PHOTOS: Hit The Lights at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

HTLOhio based band Hit The Lights headlined the Pure Noise Records Tour at Chain Reaction. The second Nick jumped on stage he couldn’t stop moving! The energy levels he had were incredible. It’s such a nice change to see a vocalist really get into the live show and give it his all to fans that come out to the show.


Their set list consisted of new and old songs from albums they’ve put out in the past 10 years. I know I appreciated hearing old songs that they don’t normally play at their shows, but since they were headlining and their record label put together this tour they probably had a bit more leeway with what songs they could play. I know as a fan I appreciated them playing older material as opposed to just the new songs they’ve released in the past year.

Once the band finished their set, they stepped off stage, and the crowd chanted “three more songs!” “three more songs!” Nick came back on stage and thanked the crowd for not leaving. He brought out his acoustic guitar and talked about the bands new acoustic ep Just To Get Through To You. Nick and Guitarist Omar Zehery played a new song off the EP called “Lighthouse” The full band came back on stage and ended the night with “Body Bag”, the crowd went wild. I was in the pit taking pictures and there were fans bouncing, singing along and some even moshed during the song.

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Krystina Alfonso

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