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PHOTOS: Korn Rock Walk Induction

Korn Rock WalkBeing a photographer can get pretty interesting, and has its perks, but this was a whole different ball game on my end. Coming from someone who shoots live shows big and small, it’s really cool to be a part of history. I recently shot Korn as they were being inducted into Guitar Center’s historic Rock Walk. The same place where rock n roll legends like Van Halen and AC/DC stuck their godly hands into sticky cement. So I guess you could say it’s a pretty big deal. After attending such an event and hearing the band speak about their experiences, you can only have hope for the future of music.

I arrived right on time to the press invite only event, acquired my super cool press pass, and proceeded to make my way to the photo pit area. It wasn’t long until I found myself standing next to people from news stations, MTV, music magazines… all the works. Other important music enthusiasts began to make their way to the room and VIP area, ready to witness the ceremony.

Then it started. Dave Weiderman introduced Jim Ladd, who further presented Rob Zombie to open for the band. “You know, the music business can be a real shitty business, chews bands up and spits them out,” Rob says. He proceeds to explain how he was flipping through MTV one day, saw Korn’s video expecting to hate it, but knowing right after that these guys were the real deal.

With a fitting introduction, Korn was welcomed to the stand. They lit up the room with their words of gratitude and acceptance towards what they described as a surreal experience. Likewise thanking their family and kids for the patience and the love to carry out the band’s dreams. Nothing short of humble, they neared the cement box and added their handprints in. A Q&A shortly followed where guitarist Munky and lead vocalist Jonathan explained what an honor it was to be a part of the induction. Guitarist Welch deemed the experience with the band “more than a dream come true.”

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets for Korn here, and check out our photos from the event below. All photos by Caitlin Shores.

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