Photos/Review: Muse “Simulation Theory Tour”

After being a concert photographer for a while, I’ve heard from multiple sources that Muse puts on one of the best live shows in the industry, with insane lighting and stage props that were made to sell out stadiums. I can’t really argue with that, it’s definitely the most memorable live show I’ve been to personally.

For their current tour “Simulation Theory”, their drummer Dominic Howard describes the album best as a “sci-fi neon electronic extravaganza”, which can also easily describe their tour’s live aesthetic.

Visually, try to imagine you’re watching a Tron themed musical multiplied by space rock opera— it’s actually much less campy than it sounds. But even without the literal robot-suited dancers, floating human light fixtures, or Murph (the giant alien robo-skeleton), The band is really impressive and exciting to watch.

I got the chance to see the alt-rock trio Sunday night at the BB&T Center in Sunrise FL along with Walk The Moon as their opener which was very cool to see back to back. I very clearly remember the opening song “Algorithm”. It started with a circle of sci-fi suited trombone players surrounding Matt as he slowly rises from under the smoke-filled stage building up to a very impressive vocal range. The lighting fit the mood insanely well during the opening and watching the synchronized movements of the trombone players along with everything else immediately got me hyped for the rest of the show. When their next song “Pressure” started, I started to get a feel of what the rest of the songs will sound like stylistically. It had a lot more hard and prog-rock influence than I expected. That one might’ve been my favorite from the album. As more songs played, I was glad to notice the riffs and vocal melodies didn’t seem repetitive like a lot of hard rock bands might seem when playing a 90-minute set. Looking around the room, everyone was engaged—not a single person had their eyes away from the stage. In an era where cell phones and short attention spans rule, this was a testemant to Muse’s captivating live show.

Overall, I was blown away by lead singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy’s energy and vocals. I didn’t fully know what to expect when showing up, I just knew it was going to be on a completely different level than anything I’d ever experienced. Due to the high level of detail of the show, you know it’s been thoroughly rehearsed, but it doesn’t come off as feeling anything other than captivating and in-the-moment.

Any time Bellamy’s not singing into the mic, he’s whipping around stage or hyping up the crowd, making sure to give every moment on stage his all. It’s honestly an experience like no other, and I can say that even for casual fans of Muse, there’s no doubt you’ll be entertained—it’s a pretty surreal experience.

Check out their remaining dates for their Simulation Theory World Tour here:

Photo Credit: Seth Kicklighter

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